Faster, higher, stronger: Extreme sport enthusiasts love to push their boundaries, and many of them want to show the world what they can do. A renowned brand for panoramic cameras took this opportunity to further explore the growing market of action devices, developing robust sport cameras designed to withstand any condition.

However, designing a camera that can be taken everywhere means considering not only the robustness of the device but also its size. Our customer thus aimed for a device as compact as possible. With the camera’s battery, memory card, and further components taking up most of the internal volume, they needed a solution that would fit in the limited space without compromising the camera’s performance – making the list of requirements quite challenging:

  • Handling high changes in temperature and altitude
  • Withstanding water and particle exposure
  • Providing stable quality
  • Enabling a compact design while maintaining optimum performance

In order to meet all their goals, our customer sought a partner who shared their aspiration for stable quality and performance. With Gore, they have discovered a partner who aligns with their mindset and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.


As the device would be exposed to extreme conditions, the Gore engineers proposed a GORE® Vent Solution with optimum airflow capabilities to quickly handle pressure differentials caused by altitude changes. Additionally, this innovative vent offers enhanced waterproofing properties, ensuring the device’s suitability for water activities such as diving, surfing, or similar pursuits. Our team then customized the solution to our customer’s needs to fit into the camera’s compact design.

In the end, we presented a solution that met all our customers' requirements: maximum design flexibility, airflow efficiency, and ingress protection.

The Technology Behind the Solution: GORE® Pressure Vents

Temperature and altitude variations create internal pressure differentials in devices. To protect the integrity of seals and gaskets, rapid air evacuation is essential. GORE® Pressure Vents are expertly crafted to allow substantial airflow, ensuring optimal pressure balance as well as excellent water resistance.

For specifications and more detailed information on installation, please visit GORE® Pressure Vents.


With GORE® Pressure Vents, our customer was able to enhance their position in the growing market while also designing a camera that guarantees consistent performance in all conditions. Here is what our customer gained from leveraging Gore’s vent:

Gore electronics camera pressure vents case study graphic

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