GORE® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies for mmWave and higher frequency applications.

Trust your mmWave test results with Gore interconnects

Visit our Booth 8067 at this year’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS). Learn how GORE® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies are a perfect fit for mmWave and higher frequency applications now and in the future. We invite you to stop by anytime to see our assemblies’ high flexibility and electrical stability over thousands of flex cycles and how we can ensure you get accurate, repeatable measurements.

We’re excited to meet and talk with you in person about your latest test system developments and our solutions to ensure that you can always trust the test results!

Gore Sets the Industry Benchmark for Microwave/RF Cable Assembly Manufacturing

With more than 40 years of design expertise, Gore manufactures microwave/RF cable assemblies that provide enhanced durability while delivering proven phase and amplitude stability with flexure and over temperature. We offer the industry a broad portfolio of cable assemblies for test and measurement, spaceflight, and aerospace and defense applications.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of small cable diameters at frequencies from DC to 110 GHz in low-loss cable constructions. We also design and manufacture a selection of connector options to optimize the performance of our cable assemblies. With a proven track record and reputation, Gore’s microwave/RF cable assemblies are the preferred solutions by key global OEMs for test systems.

Visit Gore’s Booth 8067 to see our solutions for mmWave and higher frequency test applications. For more information about the symposium, visit the IMS website.


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