Cable Performance and Specifications

GORE Quad Cables for Aircraft are designed to rigorous standards to provide the flexibility and quality required for aerospace applications. Each cable is crafted to meet the demands of modern avionics, with 100 ohms standard impedance and tight skew requirements at just 13.12 ps/m per pair. Nominal time delay as low as 4.10 ns/m supports high-speed performance and a low-crosstalk design reduces interference for clear, strong signals.

Additional features include:

Smaller, Lighter Quadrax Design

With an innovative quadrax design, these quad cables offer a lighter, more compact size that’s up to 40% smaller than comparable cables with dual twisted pair construction. This unique design simplifies routing in space-limited aircraft systems and reduces weight by up to 5.0 kg (11lb) per aircraft.

Rugged Construction

A tough engineered fluoropolymer jacket, double-braided shield and ePTFE binder give GORE Quad Cables for Aircraft superior strength. This rugged design allows the cables to withstand complex routing configurations, extreme temperatures as low as -55°C or as high as 200°C and other challenging conditions typically found in aerospace environments.

High-Speed Data and Video Transfer

Designed for high-speed serial data and video protocols, GORE Quad Cables for Aircraft feature dual differential pairs to transfer bi-directional signals at speeds up to 1 GHz at lengths up to 30 m. This allows essential information to travel quickly from one end of the aircraft to another, ensuring critical systems operate as expected.

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Several Applications

Prequalified and tested Gore’s aerospace cables deliver the quality performance needed to support aviation applications from the cockpit to the cabin and beyond. Their resilient, reliable design ensures that designers, manufacturers and crews can have the utmost confidence in long-lasting performance. GORE Quad Cables for Aircraft meet SAE AS4373™: Test Methods for Insulated Electric Wire and a number of other important standards, including:

  • Flammability: BD0031 (AITM 2.0005); BSS7230; FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part I
  • Toxicity: ABD0031 (AITM 3.0005); BSS7239: Toxicity
  • Smoke Density: ABD0031 (AITM 3.0008B); BSS7238; FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part V
  • Environmental Testing, Jacket and Marking: ANSI/NEMA WC 27500

With a strong, flexible design that routes easily, saves weight and ensures durability, these quad cables are ideal for a wide range of high-speed data and video transfer applications, such as:

  • Avionics networks
  • Box-to-box systems
  • Digital visual interface (DVI)
  • EO/IR (electro-optical infrared) sensors
  • Ethernet backbone
  • Flight control
  • Mission systems
  • Propulsion control
  • Video networks

How to Order GORE Quad Cables for Aircraft

Aircraft that must function at the highest standards require quality data and video transfer cables for successful flight. To learn more about GORE Quad Cables for Aircraft (part no. RCN8752, RCN8982 and RCN8973) and other available aerospace cables, review our selection of sample products and lead times. Prequalified, tested samples and small quantities are available within 48 hours for your convenience. To place an order, contact a distributor now.