FCNT LIMITED discovered that their new flagship phone arrows 5G F-51A generated too much heat, becoming a safety concern to many customers and a difficult problem for the OEM. The current design was not properly distributing the heat evenly and as a result, the performance was throttled to counteract the high temperatures.



The arrows 5G F-51A model is the flagship model of 5G smartphone manufactured by FCNT LIMITED, made in Japan. It is known for its support of ultra-high-speed communications. Quickly uploading data to social media, launching apps, or completing cashless payments takes just a few seconds.


While some manufacturers insert air into the device as insulation, FCNT LIMITED, formerly known as Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited, selected our GORE Thermal Insulation technology for its flagship smartphone "Arrows 5G F-51A".

Once our client outlined their requirements, Gore engineers offered GORE Thermal Insulation which can maximize the part to fit into the available space within the device. This product also can contribute to maintaining high performance for a longer time compared to the air gap.

Cross section of arrows 5G F-51A

Cross section of arrows 5G F-51A

About GORE Thermal Insulation

The solution offered to the customer here was GORE Thermal Insulation. It is available with 6 different insulation thicknesses, reaching from 0.10 mm to 0.53 mm. While delivering good electrical insulation, GORE Thermal Insulation has a low conductivity with 0.020 W/m·K. See more information on GORE Thermal Insulation.


The Gore team was able to help the client resolve several issues. The wins:

  • Reduce the surface temperature by 1°C on top of other solutions already designed in the phone for a safer consumer experience.
  • Enable longer high performance before needing to throttle.
  • Maximize the GORE® Thermal Insulation component to fit into the available space.
  • Find the right solution for their new design concept and saved them critical time before launch.
  • Set the bar for future projects in terms of design, development, and production processes.
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