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Thank you for joining us at World Electrolysis Congress 2024!

World Electrolysis Congress is the industry's premier platform for thought leadership across the electrolysis landscape and fostering collaborations in the renewable hydrogen sector.

Gore’s Alternative Energy and Storage team were in attendance in Düsseldorf to meet hydrogen industry leaders, learn more about pioneering electrolysis innovations and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Amr Kobaisy

Amr Kobaisy, New Product Development Manager in the Alternative Energy & Storage division, delivered a keynote presentation: “Advanced Membrane Design & Critical Factors in Scaling PEM Water Electrolysis Systems”.

While PEM Water Electrolysis (WE) is demonstrating exciting potential to meet green hydrogen production targets in a net-zero future, the required scale-up presents significant challenges.

Gore’s new PEM for Water Electrolysis tackles technology trade-offs to optimize performance, safety and durability at the same time. Our advanced membrane improves electrolyzer efficiency, solves component integration challenges — and unlocks new hydrogen production potential.

From our materials science capabilities to our reliable global supply chain, Gore’s market-leading PEM enterprise resources are ready to support large-scale WE programs — immediately.

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