Accelerating Green Hydrogen Production with Advanced Membrane Design

Gore’s advanced PEM for Water Electrolysis systems enables more efficient and durable PEM electrolyzers to meet decarbonization targets

PEM Water Electrolysis (WE) has huge potential to meet green hydrogen production targets in a net-zero economy. 

WE systems must be more efficient, durable, and effectively integrated into a complex hydrogen value chain to lower electrolyzer OPEX and deliver a lower levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH).

Gore’s new PEM for Water Electrolysis tackles technology trade-offs to solve the “system dilemma” by optimizing performance, safety and durability at the same time. Our advanced membrane improves electrolyzer efficiency, solves component integration challenges — and unlocks new hydrogen production potential directly addressing several scale-up challenges from operation to commercialization.

Simon Cleghorn

Join our Alternative Energy & Storage team at World Hydrogen North America in Houston from 21-23 May 2024 and plan to attend our technical presentation by Simon Cleghorn, Senior Product Specialist in the Alternative Energy & Storage division:
“Accelerating Green Hydrogen Production with Advanced Membrane Design” (May 22nd, 3 pm)

From our materials science capabilities to our reliable global supply chain, Gore’s market-leading PEM enterprise resources are ready to support large-scale WE programs — immediately.

The presentation will introduce Gore’s latest PEM innovations and industry insights. For more details, visit the conference page.

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If you are not attending World Hydrogen North America, you can still download a digital copy of the presentation.
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Gore’s PEM for Water Electrolysis

A pathway to a net-zero future

Gore’s PEM for water electrolysis helps stack manufacturers optimize OPEX while reducing engineering trade-offs. Our membrane technology breaks through performance barriers to improve durability, performance, and safety, enabling reliable, high-performance, low-total-cost-of-ownership WE systems.


Leveraging 25+ years’ fuel cell expertise

Gore has been at the forefront of the fuel cell industry for over 25 years. Our world-leading R&D platform coupled with technical and commercial expertise provides the necessary resources, supply security and quality assurance for fuel fell and water electrolysis manufacturers.

Our established supply chain is set up to support multi-Gigawatt WE installations, with global production lines for high-volume, high-quality PEM, as well as strategic partnerships and enterprise-wide testing capabilities in place.

Learn more about our fuel cell legacy here.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

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Accelerating Green Hydrogen Production with Advanced Membrane Design
Wednesday May 22nd, 3:00 pm – 3:20 pm

Conference Details:
World Hydrogen North America
21 May 2024 – 23 May 2024
Houston, Texas

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