Cable Performance and Specifications

Our controlled-impedance, 120 ohm GORE CAN Bus Cables for Aircraft are 40% smaller than comparable cables, offering a slim, light design for improved flexibility and reduced bend radius. The multi-layer design utilizes an engineered fluoropolymer jacket and a braided shield for defense against challenging environments. They also deliver the following benefits:

Compact Footprint

The compact footprint of these aviation cables, as well as their reduced diameter and enhanced flexibility, makes for trouble-free installation in tight aircraft areas.

High-Speed Capability

Our design also makes GORE Can Bus Cables for Aircraft compatible with many high-speed aerospace and defense connector systems and backshells, like ARINC and MIL-STD-38999 with size 8 and 22D contacts. Please contact the specific manufacturer such as Amphenol® and Glenair® for exact part numbers, tooling information, and termination instructions.

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Several Applications

Our high data rate cables are built for long lifespan in a variety of challenging environmental conditions and wide range of applications. To ensure durability and offer peace of mind in every situation, GORE CAN Bus Cables for Aircraft meet standard SAE AS4373™ for Test Methods for Insulated Electric Wire and have been tested and pre-qualified to meet the following standards:

  • Flammability: ABD0031 (AITM 2.0005); BSS7230; FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part I
  • Toxicity: ABD0031 (AITM 3.0005); BSS7239
  • Smoke Density: ABD0031 (AITM 3.0008B); BSS7238; FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part V
  • Environmental Testing, Jacket and Marking: ANSI/NEMA WC 27500

GORE CAN Bus Cables for Aircraft are ideal for advanced avionics networks and other applications that require fast, accurate data transfer and a compact, rugged cable design. Common uses include:

  • Cable management systems
  • Controller area networks
  • Digital video systems
  • Serial busses

How to Order GORE CAN Bus Cables for Aircraft

From simple installation to worry-free long-term use, GORE CAN Bus Cables for Aircraft are ideal for avionic networks and other applications that require high-speed data transfer in tight spaces and challenging conditions. To find out whether GORE CAN Bus Cables for Aircraft are right for your civil or military application, request tested, prequalified samples or small quantities of the following part numbers, which will arrive within 48 hours:

  • GSC-03-85752-22D
  • GSC-03-85752-24D
  • GSC-03-85752-26D

For more information, view our aerospace wire and cable sample products and lead times or connect with a distributor today.

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