GORE® SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads for Mobile Electronics

Mobile electronics require constant shielding to maintain their signal. Gore’s SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads for Mobile Electronics are durably built to provide highly reliable grounding and ensure electrical performance in mobile electronics like smartphones, tablets and gaming devices.

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GORE® SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads

EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions - Mobile Electronics

GORE® SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads combine unsurpassed conductivity with the convenience of SMT-compatible format.

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Signal reliability with the ease of SMT installation

Electromagnetic interference shielding products are counted on to maintain signal integrity and ensure electrical performance. While spring contacts and clips can provide signal integrity, their single point of contact design is vulnerable to breaking, particularly in challenging mobile electronics conditions like vibration, shock and wide temperature ranges.

GORE SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads – Supersoft Series deliver consistent, reliable electrical performance in a convenient surface mount technology (SMT) - compatible format. These components are:

  • engineered to maintain consistent contact with low DC resistance and effective EMI shielding
  • constructed to ensure reliable performance in challenging mobile electronics environments
  • cost-effective, as these off-the-shelf components eliminate the need for custom designs and secondary processing
  • simple to integrate into existing SMT production lines

We offer two series of gaskets and grounding pads, each thoroughly tested against a variety of environmental standards:

  • The Supersoft Series is highly compressible and delivers consistent electrical performance with minimal force required for initial conductivity.
  • The GS5200 Series offers the most conductive materials under compression in Gore’s EMI shielding product

Our SMT Series offer a full spectrum of working ranges, making them ideal for a variety of mobile applications including smartphones, tablets and two-way radios used in military applications.


The Supersoft Series offers significant benefits to product designers and process engineers — not only because they shield so effectively, but because they’re easy to integrate.

These components provide:

  • reduced EMI noise and cross-talk throughout service life in challenging mobile electronics environments
  • reduced likelihood of damage to enclosure surfaces that may generate conductive particles and degrade electrical performance
  • a single versatile solution that can be applied to solve various EMI problems
  • faster production rates because of consistent and repeatable assembly with SMT compatible parts that need no secondary processing

Still have questions about the benefits of our gaskets and grounding pads? Please contact us.


The SMT Series from Gore combines high conductivity with the ease of installation offered through surface mount technology. The  GS5200 Series offers Gore’s highest rate of conductivity available in any of our EMI shielding products. Meanwhile, the Supersoft Series of gaskets and grounding pads are highly compressible, ensuring they’ll stay in place despite shock or vibration. This, in addition to the series’ minimal force requirements, makes the Supersoft Series an excellent choice for portable electronic devices, including:

  • smartphones and tablets
  • GPS and handheld scanners/readers
  • gaming devices
  • cameras
  • personal computers and laptops
  • telecommunication infrastructure

Portable electronics endure mechanical stress through day-to-day use. Our gaskets and grounding pads absorb this stress, stay in place, and maintain signal integrity and performance for the life of the electronic device.

Product Comparison

The widely varying working ranges of GORE SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads make them suitable for use in many applications. Our two products in the SMT Series offer different benefits to users: The Supersoft Series delivers superior protection against shock and vibration, very useful in electronics that may be jostled in use; while the GS5200 Series offers the highest conductivity under compression of all our EMI shielding products.

Review what differentiates our two SMT EMI products, and please contact us with any questions.  


Find more information about GORE SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads, including technical specifications, a design guide, ordering information and a white paper discussing the best EMI shielding materials for an application.

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