Biostimulants: A Special Product with Special Packaging Needs
Illustrated cross section of a GORE® Packaging Vent visualizes the constant pressure equalization that prevents biostimulants packaging from bloating, collapsing or leaking.

GORE® Packaging Vents allow for constant pressure equalization – making them a perfect choice for biostimulants product packaging. 

Liquid biostimulants are an innovative and valuable solution that can help farmers meet increasingly challenging sustainability targets without compromising on yield. What makes biostimulants so great, also makes them particularly challenging for packaging, transportation, and storage: Their organic formulation components contain active ingredients that will ferment and release gases.

When failing to manage the off-gassing process, containers may bloat and ultimately leak or even burst. Wasting precious product this way does not look pretty, nor is it sustainable and it will most likely leave customers dissatisfied.

Transportation adds another layer of complexity beyond the manufacturers control. Bloating or collapsing containers due to rapid changes in temperature or altitude, are not a rare occurrence.

But there is an easy fix.

With GORE® Packaging Vents, you can simply adjust your packaging to minimize all these risks. Our vents reliably and continuously equalize pressure to minimize the potential for leaks and maintain the integrity of containers and their contents.
Icon of a canister with a crossed out drop in front of it indicates that GORE® Packaging Vents reliably prevent leakage in biostimulants packaging.


Icon of three small stars indicates sparkling cleanliness to show that with GORE® Packaging Vents, your biostimulants packaging remains safe and clean.


Icon of a shield with three sparkling stars on it shows that GORE® Packaging Vents for biostimulants packaging helps you protect your brand image by keeping it clean.


Icon of an arrow ascending from the lower left to a plus sign in the upper right corner indicates that with GORE® Packaging Vents, you can enhance your products’ value.


Packaging Expertise for More Sustainability & Design Flexibility
Image of a tractor spreading biostimulants in the field during daytime.

Did you know: Managing off-gassing safely enables thinner container walls, which can allow for reduction in packaging weight. This way, using GORE® Packaging Vents can add an additional layer of sustainability to your product and your brand – a big plus in times of increasing interest in solutions that are easier on the environment.

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How It Works

The Science Behind GORE® Packaging Vents for Biostimulants

GORE® Packaging Vents are specifically designed to meet the needs of biostimulants product packaging. They incorporate a high-performance membrane made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), exploiting the unique properties of this material invented by Gore.

Package and transport biostimulants with GORE® Packaging Vents: no bloating, no collapsing, no leaking, no ugly spills.

The microporous nature of ePTFE allows gases to pass through to equalize pressure constantly – keeping the packaging in perfect shape, even when used with highly off-gassing formulations – but it blocks larger substances like liquids, dust and dirt, to prevent leaks or contaminant ingress.

GORE® Packaging Vents continue to vent even after liquid contact, which makes them ideal for use with high-viscosity formulations, like foliar biostimulants. Proven performance with hundreds of millions of GORE® Packaging Vents installed world-wide.


GORE® Packaging Vents: Higher Airflow, Excellent Repellency, No Spills

At Gore, we conduct numerous lab test to make sure our products meet the highest industry standards and satisfy our customers. For example, we test our GORE® Packaging Vents for residual airflow as well as repellency properties with real biostimulants on the market.

Three graphs showing the difference of average residual airflows in l/h at 12 mbar: With GORE® Packaging Vents, the airflow stays consistent over 22 days, while vents of other suppliers ensure sufficient airflow only up to eight days.

A comparison between GORE® Packaging Vents (red) and a standard product (blue): the vent of another supplier leaked just eight days after contact with an amino acid-based biostimulant due to pressure buildup, caused by poor repellency. The GORE D17 SG5 vent's airflow remained higher – even after liquid contact.

Close-up of a brown liquid forming droplets on the surface of a high-performance membrane used in GORE® Packaging Vents, showing its excellent roll-off properties.

GORE® Packaging Vents: Our membrane has excellent roll-off properties, so it easily sheds liquids and airflow remains unimpeded.

Close-up of a brown liquid clinging to the surface of a competitor’s membrane. The liquid does not roll-off and clogs the membrane leading to reduced airflow.

Competitors: Other membranes have poor roll-off properties, so liquids cling and clog the membrane reducing airflow.

Want to experience first-hand the benefits of GORE® Packaging Vents and the superior ePTFE membrane used, which have been proven in independent lab tests? Request free samples of our innovative venting solution for biostimulants packaging and see for yourself!

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Application & Offering

Don’t Adjust Your Formulation, Adjust Your Packaging – With Gore, It’s That Easy!

GORE® Packaging Vents can be easily implemented into your biostimulants packaging. Our Plug-In Vents for example can be installed via press-fit or snap-fit. Available for containers sizes from 0.2 to 1,500 liters, they can be integrated into the closures of industrial drums, bottles, jerry cans and IBCs – one venting solution across all containers.


The new Plug-In Vent D17 SG5 and the Vented Pulp Induction Liner complement our existing offering – the 363 Foam Liner. This puts three packaging solutions at your disposal that optimally address the most common and troublesome challenges biostimulants packaging comes with.

An image of the new GORE® Plug-In Vent D17 SG5 for biostimulants packaging.

NEW Plug-In Vent D17 SG5:

One venting solution across bottles and jerry cans: Plug-In Vents can easily be installed via press-fit or snap-fit. Available for containers sizes from 1 to 60 liters. Plug-In Vents D38 SG5 are available for container sizes from 60 to 1,500 liters.

A roll of silver-colored GORE® Pulp Induction Liners suitable for biostimulant bottles up to 20 liters.

NEW Pulp Induction Liners:

Suitable for biostimulant bottles up to 20 liters. The weldable installation ensures tamper-evidence, and the special membrane construction provides breathability for off-gassing liquids.

A roll of white GORE® Foam Liners Liners for containers up to 30 liters.

Foam Liners:

Two Series, with full-surface membranes, for all flat-cap designs featuring easy drop-in replacements for all single-point or unvented liners. Available for containers up to 30 liters.

Not sure which Gore venting solution you need? Get in contact with us – we will be happy to advise you or help you work out details with your packaging supplier.

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Working with Gore

Your Biostimulants Deserve Quality Packaging by Gore

Whether you are a manufacturer of biostimulants or a packaging supplier: When you seek solutions for packaging that bloats, collapses, or leaks, we at Gore are here to support you – to find the most appropriate venting solution for your particular set-up or to assist with troubleshooting.

Icon of a microscope indicates that Gore conducts in-depth research on venting solutions for off-gassing substances like biostimulants.

In-depth research into substances that require venting due to off-gassing.

Icon of a badge with the writing “20 years” on it representing Gore’s many years of experience in developing venting solutions.

Over 20 years of experience in helping hazardous chemical and agrochemical manufacturers overcome their off-gassing packaging challenges with our solutions.

Icon of a star indicates the excellence of Gore’s solutions: consistent quality and reliability.

Consistent quality and reliability ensured by in-line airflow, in-line camera and water entry pressure tests.

Icon of a globe represents Gore’s global network of sales representatives.

Our global network of sales representatives makes purchasing fast, easy and convenient.