GORE® EMI Shielding Solutions: GS2100 Series

Approved for military aerospace and spaceflight applications, the GS2100 Series provides the superior shielding effectiveness required in mission-critical scenarios.

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GORE EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads

Electronic Components & Electrochemical Materials

GORE® EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads are available in two different materials, the GS5200 Series offers excellent EMI shielding effectiveness from low frequency to 40 GHz. The GS2100 Series, approved for military aerospace and spaceflight applications, combines good shielding effectiveness with light weight and low outgassing.

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The GS2100 Series provides superior shielding effectiveness for aerospace applications.

The GS2100 Series provides superior shielding effectiveness for aerospace applications.

In challenging conditions, such as those experienced in aerospace, shielding materials are depended on to provide electrical performance regardless of the abrasion, altitude shifts and extreme temperatures they face.

Approved for spaceflight and military applications, the GS2100 Series of GORE® Shielding Solutions protects signal integrity in harsh environments. The GS2100 Series consist of a conductive, adhesive-backed, EMI gasket material that is moderately soft. The materials can be supplied in die-cut part forms — or in slit-width rolls, which are ideal for manual "peel and stick" EMI gasketing applications.

The GS2100 Series consists of a carbon-filled cellular PTFE matrix, a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive and a PET carrier film.


The GS2100 Series is approved for military aerospace and spaceflight applications, commonly used in:

military wireless communications equipment

military and space avionics

high-frequency cable connectors in military and space applications

telecommunications equipment

high-frequency portable electronic devices

Features & Benefits

The GS2100 Series of GORE EMI Shielding Solutions meets global spaceflight and military applications. In those mission-critical scenarios, the materials provide:

  • proven shielding effectiveness
  • excellent reliability through Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
  • flame retardancy (UL-94 V-0)
  • broad temperature range (-45°C to 120°C)
  • maintained environmental seal

Additionally, we provide superior sales and technical support from Gore’s worldwide engineering team. If you have any questions about the features and benefits of GORE EMI Shielding Solutions, please contact us.


The GS2100 Series reliably offers these nominal material properties:

Hardness Density (gm/cc) Fire Safety Rating (UL-94)
(Shore A) 45 0.34 V-0


The series’ electrical properties include superior volume resistivity and shielding effectiveness:

Volume Resistivity Shielding Effectiveness (with adhesive)
1.5 ohm-cm @ 500psi, Ag electrodes >45dB @ 1 GHz(ARP 1705 Method)


Please contact us with any questions about how these properties will translate to your aerospace application.

Product Selection Guide

GORE EMI Shielding Solutions vary by compression force, flammability performance, application approval and many other factors. Please consult this chart to determine which product in the series suits your application needs.  

  GS2100 GS5200 GS5200 SMT Supersoft SMT
Shielding Effectiveness > 70dB
Compression Force <100 psi      
Compatible with Plastic Housing      
Compatible with Snap Features      
Tolerance Take-up or Surface Variation    
Dust/Water Ingress Rated    
Flammability Performance X - V0 X - V0 X - V0  
Low Outgassing    
Military / Aerospace Approved    


Part Number Information for GORE® EMI Shielding Materials—Strip Gaskets
Part Number Material Configuration Width
EDR-21-010-1000-SC GS2100-010 1.000"
EDR-21-010-0750-SC GS2100-010 0.750"
EDR-21-010-0500-SC GS2100-010 0.500"
EDR-21-010-0375-SC GS2100-010 0.375"
EDR-21-010-0250-SC GS2100-010 0.250"
EDR-21-010-0125-SC GS2100-010 0.125"
EDR-21-020-1000-SC GS2100-020 1.000"
EDR-21-020-0750-SC GS2100-020 0.750"
EDR-21-020-0500-SC GS2100-020 0.500"
EDR-21-020-0375-SC GS2100-020 0.375"
EDR-21-020-0250-SC GS2100-020 0.250"
EDR-21-020-0125-SC GS2100-020 0.125"
EDR-21-040-1000-SC GS2100-040 1.000"
EDR-21-040-0750-SC GS2100-040 0.750"
EDR-21-040-0500-SC GS2100-040 0.500"
EDR-21-040-0375-SC GS2100-040 0.375"
EDR-21-040-0250-SC GS2100-040 0.250"
EDR-21-040-0125-SC GS2100-040 0.125"
EDR-21-060-1000-SC GS2100-060 1.000"
EDR-21-060-0750-SC GS2100-060 0.750"
EDR-21-060-0500-SC GS2100-060 0.500"
EDR-21-060-0375-SC GS2100-060 0.375"
EDR-21-060-0250-SC GS2100-060 0.250"
EDR-21-060-0125-SC GS2100-060 0.125"
EDR-21-080-1000-SC GS2100-080 1.000"
EDR-21-080-0750-SC GS2100-080 0.750"
EDR-21-080-0500-SC GS2100-080 0.500"
EDR-21-080-0375-SC GS2100-080 0.375"
EDR-21-080-0250-SC GS2100-080 0.250"
EDR-21-080-0125-SC GS2100-080 0.125"

Design Considerations

When optimizing a gasket shielding solution, consider the housing design as well as the EMI gasket performance.

Important considerations in the housing design include flatness, surface roughness, material type, rigidity, contact area, tolerance take-up, conductivity, fastener type and fastener locations.

Key factors in an EMI gasket include softness, tolerance take-up, conductivity (DC resistance), and shielding effectiveness both before and after Accelerated Life Testing (ALT).

Gore application engineers can provide expert design assistance and rapid prototyping for your EMI shielding needs. Please contact us for more information about the right solution for your design needs.


Learn more about the GS2100 Series of GORE EMI Shielding Solutions in brochures, a data sheet and a white paper discussing the many factors that affect the choice of the best EMI shielding materials for an application.

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