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As one of the event sponsors, Gore invites you to join us at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Booth #838 to:

  • Find out how you can capture more mAbs in less time.
  • Discover a more robust option for handling, storing and transporting bulk drug substances after freezing.

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Joe Cintavey

Reducing Risk in the Biomanufacturing cold chain: The Durable Primary Packaging Solution

Joe Cintavey

Tuesday 3pm
Well Characterized Biologics Track

As more and more therapies require temperatures down to and below -80 degrees Celsius, the need for primary containers that can maintain integrity throughout the cold chain has become more critical than ever. Testing and data will be presented that demonstrates that primary containers have a range of failure modes even when protective secondary packaging is utilized. Understanding these failure modes and ensuring primary packaging is validated for cold chain application (such as Frozen Impact Durability, Freeze/ Thaw cycle, Long-Term Frozen Storage and shipping and distribution testing) allows end users to minimize the potential for integrity problems during high volume production.

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Capture more mAbs in less time

The GORE® Protein Capture Device with Protein A can improve productivity in affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies. With higher binding capacity at shorter residence time than agarose bead-based technologies, these Devices can reduce overall process time to improve throughput and yields.

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Choose a more robust option for cold-chain storage

GORE® STA-PURE® Flexible Freeze Containers offer robust protection for drug substances during cold-chain handling, storage and transport. Their strength and durability plus high purity with low extractables means less risk of losing high-value pharmaceuticals if an accident happens.

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Delivering Consistent Protein A Membrane Scalability: GORE® Protein Capture Devices with Protein A 

Consistent performance across increasingly larger Protein A membrane device sizes is a key factor when scaling the Protein A purification unit operation from lab to process development to routine bioprocessing scale.  GORE® Protein Capture Devices with Protein A are designed to scale consistently with residence time.  The data presented in this poster demonstrate consistency in dynamic binding capacity and elution width across device sizes from 1 mL through 250 mL, using multiple LC systems. 

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All Gore products for life sciences are manufactured specifically for use in medical or pharmaceutical settings and comply with regulations our customers may require. Depending on those requirements, you will find products manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 13485, ISO 15378, and/or regulations for food contact.