GORE Protein Capture Device being used in a laboratory

Purify greater than 360 mg of mAbs at 30 second residence time (18 mL/minute).

Alleviate the purification bottleneck with higher binding capacity at short residence time

Over the years, higher titers and other upstream process improvements have meant that Protein A columns could be over-sized and underutilized to gain flow and speed. Consequently, affinity purification is often the cause of process slowdowns and bottlenecks because traditional resin-based chromatography technology has not kept pace. *

*Reference: "Disrupting Downstream Process Bottlenecks." Genetic Engineering, June 14, 2018.

Image of products. 1.0mL, 9.0mL and 3.5mL sizes shown.

The family of affinity chromatography devices with Protein A: 3.5mL, 9.0mL and 1.0mL sizes shown.

By comparison, the GORE Protein Capture Device uses an innovative ePTFE membrane composite to optimize Protein A use by maximizing binding capacity at high flow rates. The new 9.0mL device has a demonstrated capacity of greater than 360mg at 30 seconds residence time to help scientists in lead generation and optimization and early process development improve throughput and productivity.


  • High binding capacity ≥ 40 mg/mL
  • Short residence time 30 seconds
  • Demonstrated durability up to 100 cleaning cycles


See the comparison of the GORE Protein Capture Device 9.0mL vs. a traditional agarose column.

Graph showing Dynamic Binding Capacity over increasing Residence Time.


Image of a Monoclonal Antibody Molecule

Designed for affinity purification in early drug discovery screening, late stage optimization, and process development for

  • monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
  • next generation molecules that utilize the FC region for Protein A binding

The columns are compatible with standard chromatography systems and are currently available in 1.0mL, 3.5mL and 9.0mL sizes.


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