Chromatography Protein Capture Device Flexible Freeze Containers

As one of the event sponsors, Gore invites you to join us at the InterContinental Barcelona - Fira Center — or join us online — to:

  • Attend our presentation about scalability of a Protein A membrane chromatography.
  • Find out how you can capture more mAbs in less time.
  • Discover a more robust option for handling, storing and transporting bulk drug substances after freezing. 

Bill Barrett

Advances in Purification & Recovery Track

High Productivity Protein A Membrane Devices Complement Disposable Upstream Technology for a Fully Single-Use Process
William Barrett, PhD

March 20, 2024 10:00 am

Attend our presentation

Dr. Bill Barrett will share insights about an intensified and fully single use downstream operation was demonstrated to process a monoclonal antibody cell culture harvest at a manufacturing scale. The results of the study were extrapolated to show the potential for high productivity affinity capture sufficient up to 10 g/L titers at the 2000 L scale.

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Capture more mAbs in less time

The GORE® Protein Capture Device with Protein A can improve productivity in affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies. With higher binding capacity at shorter residence time than agarose bead-based technologies, these Devices can reduce overall process time to improve throughput and yields. 
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Choose a more robust option for cold-chain storage

GORE® STA-PURE® Flexible Freeze Containers offer robust protection for drug substances during cold-chain handling, storage and transport. Their strength and durability plus high purity with low extractables means less risk of losing high-value pharmaceuticals if an accident happens.
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