GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials
Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, our tapes and gaskets solve many sealing and surface protection challenges in civil and military aircraft. These lightweight, no-cure materials are often used as an alternative to Form-In-Place (FIP) seals because they simplify aircraft assembly with seals that can withstand multiple open-close cycles for reduced life-cycle costs.
GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials: Sealants & Gaskets

GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials: Sealants & Gaskets

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GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials are a portfolio of unique, commercially-available material sets, forms and sizes with a wide range of engineered properties and specifications. Our tapes and gaskets are specified by leading civil and military aircraft OEMs and solve many challenges such as sealing, abrasion, corrosion and gap filling. These materials can also withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Reliable Sealing and Surface Protection

Aircraft surfaces and panels are subjected to mechanical forces that can result in abrasion, corrosion, punctures and tears that can decrease their strength and life. GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials provide reliable sealing and surface protection to help minimize the damaging effects of vibration and other mechanical forces. Also, the flexible construction of our materials allows them to conform easily to complex shapes and irregular surfaces, making them more forgivable for gap filling for predictable performance.

Traditional materials used on aircraft can also break down or become brittle when exposed to UV radiation or liquids commonly used in the aerospace industry such as fuels, petroleum and phosphate-based hydraulic fluids, engine oils and de-icing fluids. We offer a wide range of standard and custom tapes and gaskets designed to provide reliable sealing and surface protection against these liquids and UV radiation.

Easy Installation in Less Time

GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials are significantly easier to install than FIP seals. Our lightweight, flexible tapes and gaskets eliminate cure time for sealing and protective materials, significantly reducing manufacturing cycles and direct maintenance time. Also, their unique construction enables them to maintain their protective performance over multiple open/close cycles, which translates to fewer replacements and re-work of seals and significant savings in personnel time during production and maintenance.

Unlike traditional two-component materials, our materials require no mixing, masking or clean-up after installation. Also, the non-hazardous material reduces environmental impact, disposal costs and improves safety for installation personnel.


GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials are specified by leading civil and military and fixed/rotary wing aircraft OEMs. Our tapes and gaskets are engineered to perform reliably in a wide range of applications, including:

  • access panels
  • antenna gasket fastener seals
  • cargo floorboards/structure
  • dry-bay gaskets
  • engine cowlings
  • external fuel tanks
  • fairings
  • fuel bladder cavities
  • fuel panels
  • helicopter tail booms
  • leading edge D-noses
  • light assembly seals
  • passenger floorboards
  • pitot tubes


GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials provide:

  • portfolio of unique materials sets, forms and sizes for many applications
  • reliable and predictable surface protection, sealing and gap filling with highly-conformable materials
  • proven performance after exposure to vibration, abrasion, fuels, chemicals, fluids and wide temperature ranges
  • low environmental impact and improved safety with non-hazardous materials
  • easy installation with no-cure materials that support design goals for manufacturing
  • reduced life-cycle costs with reusable seals