Computer, Telecommunications, and Electronics
Gore products have helped to ensure reliability and enhance transmission quality for more than 50 years.
Providing chemical absorption and particle filtration

Computing/Telecom Products: 50 Years of High Performance

High-performance Gore products have a 50-year history of improving signal transmission, shielding, and mechanical integrity in a variety of computing and telecommunications applications. Gore's test and measurement cables provide accurate and repeatable measurements that enable engineers to make better decisions and assessments during product design.


Gore offers an innovative family of products for the computing industry, ranging from cables and cable assemblies to dielectric materials to cleanroom garments. Our expertise in signal integrity and polymer materials technology allows us to provide exceptional high performance components for data centers, supercomputers, printed circuit boards, and semiconductors. Gore's cables, cable assemblies, and electronic and electrochemical materials incorporate the latest materials science to meet the customer's most rigorous performance requirements. Specialized filtration products and cleanroom garments ensure a particulate-free and static-free environment.


Gore offers a broad array of products designed to increase the reliability of telecommunications systems. Our products are found in switching systems, terabit routers, and wireless handsets as well as other wireless infrastructure components. Gore high speed cables provide broadband signal transmissions with exceptional fidelity and GORE® EMI Shielding Materials isolate RF and digital circuits. GORE® Protective Vents, GORE® Portable Electronic Vents and GORE® Cooling Filters provide electronic components, base station cabinets, and hand-held devices protection from heat, pressure, and environmental contaminants such as dirt, water and corrosive agents.

Test & Measurement

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies deliver guaranteed phase and amplitude stability with flexure, ensuring signal integrity from the measurement instrument to the device under test. Holding calibrations for accurate and repeatable measurements allows engineers to make better decisions and assessments during product design, while minimizing downtime.