Chemical Processing
Gore products stand up to the rigors of harsh industrial environments.
Offering exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion and temperature extremes

Gore Products Reduce Downtime and Improve Productivity

Applications of Gore’s expertise in production and application of fluoropolymers enable processes to run cleaner, safer, and more efficiently. Gore fluoropolymers prevent contamination and optimize performance in products ranging from cement to paper and petrochemicals.

Chemical processors turn to Gore because Gore products succeed in containing process streams and filtering particles in the most demanding conditions, meaning reduced downtime and greater productivity.

Gore's service to the chemical processing industry began with its introduction of sealant products more than 40 years ago. They are durable and chemically inert, and provide effective seals for vessels, pumps, valves and piping systems. Gore offers a family of gaskets and packing materials that tolerate the challenging operating conditions created by temperature extremes and aggressive chemicals and solvents.

Gore's membrane-based filtration products are known for their unmatched performance and durability. They help chemical processors meet the most stringent emissions regulations. They also are designed for the special needs of processors in the production of fertilizers, plastic resins, and the latest generation of pigments. Gore membrane products also include a broad range of microfiltration and venting solutions designed to perform in the harshest chemical environments, including lyophilization trays for freeze-drying, and pressure-equalizing vents for equipment, portable electronics, containers and packages.