ELKTON, Md. (November 8, 2019) — Today, W. L. Gore & Associates introduces GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags for use in pulse-jet carbon black manufacturing operations. For the past two years, Gore’s proprietary GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag technology has provided a sustainable and low-cost-of-ownership solution for reverse-air carbon black operations. Now, the benefits of this technology are extended to pulse-jet carbon black applications.

Cost-effective process optimization

Comprehensive pilot programs have confirmed the significant value GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags can provide in carbon black pulse-jet baghouses:

  • A more easily-cleaned filtration surface: This allows operators to reduce pulsing pressure and frequency, without any reduction in desired production levels.
  • An expected increase in bag life: By reducing the level of mechanical stress during cleaning, bag life may be prolonged by as much as 50% or more.
  • Improved process stability: Gore’s proprietary membrane technology enables lower, and more stable, differential pressure (dP) between cleanings which supports a more stable process.
  • Optimized throughput and emissions: GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag technology enables higher airflow than standard filter bags, and pilot studies also have reported improved production rates and lower emissions.

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags offer carbon black producers a reliable way to achieve both higher performance and lower costs in manufacturing, maintenance and compliance.

“The rapid adoption of GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags by reverseair carbon black baghouses led us to expand this technology portfolio,” said Steve Aubuchon, Product Specialist. “We are pleased that our GORE LOW DRAG filter technology now offers both pulse-jet and reverse-air operators a cost-effective way to extend bag life, improve process stability, and reduce emissions.”

Gore introduced this innovative filtration product at the Carbon Black 2019 conference in Bangkok, Thailand, November 5-7. There, leaders in the carbon black industry and its value chain focused on current materials and strategies for growth, profitability and environmental control.

“The value of our proprietary GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag technology lies in how it can address so many of the concerns the carbon black industry faces today: the need to optimize output while enhancing environmental compliance and process stability, and at the same time, reducing cost of ownership,” said Aubuchon.

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