Cable Performance and Specifications

Uniquely constructed with engineered fluoropolymers, Gore’s solutions are proven to deliver reliable power, high-quality signals with low loss/skew and high data rate transmission over the duration of the mission. Their performance is demonstrated by their 100% failure-free flight record in hundreds of traditional spaceflight programs. Gore’s selection of microwave/RF assemblies operates from DC to 40 GHz for high-density and high-frequency applications, with diameter sizes ranging from 2.2 mm (0.085 in.) to 4.8 mm (0.190 in.).

Our NewSpace solutions include:

  • Hook-up wires
  • Ethernet cables
  • USB 3.1 cables
  • Shielded twisted pair cables
  • High-speed data cables (XAUI RapidIO™ Protocol)
  • SpaceWire cables
  • Microwave/RF assemblies including Type GNS-Y2, GNS-Y4, GNS-Y6 and GNS-Y8
  • Assembly connector variants such as SMA, SMP, SMPM, 2.92 mm and TNCA

They also offer the following advantages:

Small and Lightweight

Gore’s advanced cable technologies help minimize the problems associated with meeting challenging mass budgets with small, lightweight constructions. What’s more, our low-profile connector options also increase design flexibility and optimize the assembly’s footprint.

Durable Protection

Reliably rugged throughout the mission, GORE® Space Cables and Assemblies for NewSpace Applications exhibit low outgassing and can handle even the most challenging conditions, including:

  • Wide temperatures
  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Radiation
  • Atomic oxygen
  • Chemicals

Meeting Rigorous Standards Across Several Applications

With a thorough understanding of products and appropriately scoped NewSpace test procedures, Gore tests and pre-qualifies all solutions in adherence to strict standards, including:

  • NASA, EEE-INST-002, Level 2
  • ESA, ECSS-Q-ST-60-13C, Annex G Class 2
  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6+

Typical NewSpace applications for GORE Space Cables and Assemblies include:

Hook-Up Wires
  • DC power distribution
  • Electric power supplies
  • Microgravity experiments
  • Optical instruments
Ethernet Cables
  • Satellites/launchers
  • Digital video systems
  • Ethernet backbone
  • Sensor data collection and processing
  • Telecommand remote systems
Shielded Twisted Pair Cables
  • Datalines
  • Digital signal processors
  • High-resolution cameras, sensors and detectors
  • High-speed subsystem interconnects
  • Onboard computing
High-Speed Data Cables (XAUI RapidIO™ Protocol)
  • Low-mass and high-density applications
  • Data processing
  • Digital video systems
SpaceWire Cables
  • Command and data handling (C&DH)
  • High-resolution cameras
  • Radar sensor equipment
  • Sensor, mass memory unit and telemetry subsystem interconnects
USB 3.1 Cables
  • Bus electrical interfaces and I/O
  • Digital video systems
  • Powering remote devices
Type GNS-Y2 Assemblies
  • General payload
  • Launch vehicles
  • High-frequency and high-density applications
  • Multiplexor
  • Quick connect
Type GNS-Y4 Assemblies
  • Digital video systems
  • Ethernet backbone
  • Sensor data collection and processing
  • Telecommand remote systems
Type GNS-Y6 Assemblies
  • Antennas
  • Box-to-box connections
  • High-frequency equipment and applications
  • Launch vehicles
  • High-density applications
Type GNS-Y8 Assemblies
  • Box-to-box connections
  • General payload
  • Launch vehicles
  • Satellite panel-to-panel equipment

How to Order GORE Space Cables and Assemblies for NewSpace Applications

GORE Space Cables and GORE Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies are available in standard variants. To learn more or discuss your application’s needs, contact a Gore representative or distributor today. Gore’s part numbers are as follows:

  • Hook-Up Wires:
    • GNS-LF01200S
    • GNS-LF01240S
    • GNS-LF01260S
    • GNS-LF02200S
    • GNS-LF02240S
    • GNS-LF02260S
    • GNS-LF02201S
    • GNS-LF02241S
    • GNS-LF02261S
  • Ethernet (Cat6a)
    • GNS-EN10024BF-CAT6A
    • GNS-EN10026BF-CAT6A
  • XAUI-RapidIO™ (Assemblies Only)
    • GNS-PP10024BF-RapidIO*
    • GNS-PP10026BF-RapidIO*
  • Shielded Twisted Pair
    • GNS-TP100241S
    • GNS-TP100261S
    • GNS-TP100281S
  • SpaceWire
    • GNS-SW10028MS
    • GNS-SW10026MS
    • GNS-SS10024BF-USB3.1
    • GNS-SS10026BF-USB3.1
  • USB (3.1)
    • GNS-SS10024BF-USB3.1
    • GNS-SS10026BF-USB3.1
  • RF/Microwave
    • GNS-Y2
    • GNS-Y4
    • GNS-Y6
    • GNS-Y8