Designed for applications including chemicals, waste-to-energy, metals and minerals processing, these robust filter bags optimize your air pollution control operation. By enabling increased airflow through your pulse-jet or reverse air baghouse, you achieve low differential pressure, reduced energy consumption, and increased capacity.

Reverse Air Filter Baghouses:

Reverse air baghouses typically use more filter bags than pulse-jet baghouses, due to the lower air-to-cloth ratio achieved with the reverse air baghouse working principle. However, the below animation demonstrates the impact of GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags on reverse air baghouse operation. These advanced filter bags are so effective that they enable you to reduce the number of bags in your dust collector by as much as 20%. This is a clear saving on capital costs and is further enhanced by the energy savings gained through the filter bag’s clever design:

  • Increased air flow through the baghouse
  • Reduced fan speed
  • Less frequent cleaning

Moreover, if your baghouse is a bottleneck to increasing capacity elsewhere in your process, the GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags give you the flexibility to increase throughput without adding to your baghouse footprint.

Pulse-Jet Filter Baghouses:

Pulse-jet bag filter manufacturers aim to deliver efficient filtration in a compact system. Pulse-jet baghouses typically deliver a better air-to-cloth ratio than reverse air baghouse systems, which is why they are more common among new plants. However, the higher cleaning frequency can lead to a reduced filter bag life.

This problem is eliminated with the GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags for pulse-jet baghouses. These specially designed bags utilize an advanced ePTFE membrane that requires less frequent cleaning, even in a pulse-jet baghouse. The strength of this filter bag is in the revolutionary outer layer, which permits high airflow through the filter but prevents dust from permeating even the surface of the filter bag. This is what enables the reduced air resistance these filter bags are renowned for, and which gives the bags both their absolute efficiency and their long life.

Application example: Pulse-Jet Filter Baghouses in carbon black production

In carbon black pulse-jet baghouses, the use of GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags enables cost-effective process optimization. Carbon black is a particularly fine material, known to permeate most filter media, which reduces filtration efficiency and leads to higher emission levels. Successful filtration, then, requires specialized carbon filter bags.

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags’ unique filter media prevents the fine particulates from penetrating the filter bag, while still allowing a higher airflow through the baghouse. This enables increased capacities, longer filter bag life, reduced cleaning frequency and a more stable differential pressure, which in turn helps to stabilize your process.

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.