A notable global audio products company found that over a four-month period, the number of warranty claims made for its new wireless headphones were exceptionally high. Consumers complained that the product would stop working intermittently due to sweat or rain intrusion into the microphone/volume adjust module. In some instances, the moisture caused permanent damage resulting in bad performance as well as intermittent or total product failure. To avoid compromising their reputation, the client aggressively halted production and recalled all existing products from retail and online stores – then opportunistically asked us for advice.



Once the client outlined their requirements, the Gore team understood that a protection against dust and splash (IP53) of the device would be sufficient to solve the occurring issues. There was no need for immersion protection that, as a trade-off, might compromise sound quality which was the client’s number one priority. Therefore, Gore Application Engineers suggested using GORE® Acoustic Vent product model GAW112, as it provides a low level of attenuation while reliably preventing the ingress of water or sweat.

“It’s key to listen closely to the Customers’ application requirements to recommend the most suitable Gore solution. At Gore, our business is not about trying to sell the latest vent technology - or the one with the highest IP rating or other technical attributes - if it doesn’t meet the customers’ needs.” – John DiMeo, Application Engineer Leader in the United States

Beyond rapidly finding a viable solution, the Gore team also made sure that it could be put into practice almost immediately:

“We actually had those initial GAW112 samples shipped to the Engineering Director’s home address with Saturday Delivery so that the Director was able to take the samples with him to their production site in China on Monday of the following week. As our vent design was confirmed and validated, we shifted our focus to the OEM’s contract manufacturer in China, where our global team was able to seamlessly support the supply chain needs that had quickly emerged. Our Gore teammates in China also worked closely with the client’s CM providing technical support to ensure that the parts were installed correctly.” –  Jim Baker, Sales/Business Development Associate in the United States


The Gore team was able to resolve the issue that the client faced in a matter of days by installing the GAW112 vent as a “drop-in replacement”. The wins:

  • Water and sweat ingress were virtually eliminated
  • Acoustic performance improved compared to the formerly used competitive product
  • A lengthy commercial sales stoppage and potential reputational damage were averted
  • Supply chain security in China was ensured
  • Before Gore involvement: ~20% product fallout/After Gore involvement: <1% product fallout

“Bottom line: We were able to produce and ship custom made acoustic vent samples that met the customer’s needs in 48 hours. This project is a prime example of what great teamwork looks like.” – Jim Baker, Sales/Business Development in the United States

Product fallout with and without GAW112

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