During their design validation process, the client found their specified pressure vent did not meet the required  standards, as the robustness and reliability of manufacturing the final product was less than satisfactory.

Both the manufacturing and installation process for the original Gore design was inconsistent, and it posed a significant risk of failure to the device. The product would fail the water entry pressure performance test, and consequentially the device was not able to meet reliable standards. If the product were to be delivered to the consumer with the original manufacturing and installation process in operation, then it would result in catastrophic failure for the device.

Consumers would demand replacements and maintenance repairs due to the unreliable nature of the vent, thus decreasing market revenue and damaging the brands reputation.



Optimized Design Improves  Robustness and Reliability

When the client discovered the problem, their quality team called Gore to investigate what caused the water entry pressure failure.

Once the Gore engineers received samples of the failing parts, they were thoroughly investigated to determine the root cause of the failure.

Gore was able to find a solution to the problem and support the client’s needs. Gore’s application and process engineers developed an optimized part design which allowed the client to improve the robustness and reliability of the high volume manufacturing process.

In addition, a new design guideline was created to enable the customer to evaluate the improvements within the development process.

    The new design was applied to the device and subjected to rigorous testing; the failings and defects of the original design concept were reconciled by introducing a more robust and adaptable part design.
    A deep understanding of the client’s manufacturing process and application needs – combined with close collaboration – enabled Gore to solve the problem.
    The Gore team were able to reconfigure the design concept, while still maintaining the original installation method.



Optimized Design Improves  Robustness and Reliability

Defects and failings: 100% eradicated with zero quality issues reported in the last six months

Improved: Process reliability and robustness

Improved design guideline: Allowed the client’s internal teams to better understand and improve their development process for future projects




Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.