The client noticed at the end of their design validation process that there was significant distortion coming from the speaker of their device.

The noise appeared when the speaker was operated and the handset was compressed at the same time. This resulted in low sound quality when audio or video files were played.

The client approached Gore to develop a solution which would reduce or eliminate the speaker distortion.



Tripled Airflow Eradicates  Speaker Distortion - PE12

Once the Gore engineering team received samples of the device, their analysis identified a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the phone, which stopped the speaker diaphragm from moving freely. Gore engineers understood that to avoid pressure differentials and achieve an improved pressure equalization, a higher airflow would be needed. The airflow was improved by increasing the active area size of the vent and using a more breathable venting material.

A vent with a greater airflow usually means that its water protection is decreased, however the Gore PE12 product was able to triple the airflow while still maintaining IPX8 water protection.

    With a vast range of technical insights from our experienced team of engineers, Gore was able to identify the problem and develop a venting material (PE12) that tripled the airflow and eradicated the speaker distortion.
    Gore was able to keep an open line of communication with the client to discuss risks, uncertainties, opportunities and improvements, while maintaining a close collaborative relationship to ensure the best solution was developed. In addition, Gore’s ability to rapidly develop a suitable product and sample quickly enabled a seamless solution to the problems faced by the client.
    Since being introduced, the PE12 vent has become the standard pressure venting material used within waterproof handsets. This product has been so innovative that it is now used by various clients across the globe who have faced similar problems.



Tripled Airflow Eradicates  Speaker Distortion

Performance: New pressure venting material (PE12) provided 3 times the airflow as the old one (PE8)

Reliable Water Protection: Unique venting material allows for an excellent balance between IPX8 water protection and increased airflow

Minimized: Significant reduction in distortion




Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.