During the course of their design validation process, a smartphone OEM noticed that there was significant distortion coming from the speaker of one of their smartphone products. The distortive noises occurred when playing audio or video files at the same time that the handset was compressed. Because of the insufficient sound quality, the smartphone manufacturer had to cancel a market release of the defective product to avoid reputational damages.

Eventually, the smartphone company approached the experts at Gore to figure out the cause of the impaired sound quality and consequently work on a suitable solution that would completely eliminate the distortive speaker noises.


While working on an effective solution for the smartphone defect, the client and Gore collaborated closely and stayed in constant communication to discuss risks, uncertainties, opportunities, and potential for improvement. After analyzing samples of the defective device, Gore’s engineering team immediately identified the error source and was able to quickly develop a suitable product that would eradicate all the client’s problems.

The distortive sounds were the result of a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the phone, which prevented the speaker diaphragm from moving freely. To avoid these pressure differentials and improve the pressure equalization, the Gore engineers concluded that a higher rate of airflow would solve the problem entirely.

To enable a higher rate of airflow, our experienced team of engineers developed a venting material that fulfilled two key requirements: increase the active area size of the vent and equip the device with a more breathable venting material. Normally, the integration of pressure vents that enable a greater airflow is accompanied by decreasing water protection features.

The development of the GORE® Pressure Vent PE12, however, not only lead to a tripled airflow, but also sustained IPX8 water protection standards.

The PE12 model: an innovative GORE Pressure Vent

The fast development of this PE12 venting material by Gore’s experienced engineers completely eliminated the speaker distortion by tripling the airflow. With an airflow of 10,000 ml/min/cm², the PE12 vent combines consistent pressure equalization with an IP67 and IP68 rating that ensures protection in shallow immersion. In addition to smartphones, this vent is also suitable for implementations in two-way radios, earphones, and many other devices.

Because of its ground-breaking features, GORE Pressure Vents PE12 have become the industry-leading standard in waterproof handsets, which is why many other companies facing similar problems have incorporated this venting material in their devices. Further information on our standard pressure vents can be found on

Tripled Airflow Eradicates  Speaker Distortion - PE12


The ability of the Gore engineers to quickly identify the problem with the smartphone and develop a future-forward Gore pressure equalizing vent paved the way for neutralizing speaker distortion. In the end, our client was able to hand the phone over to mass production and release it on the market soon after.

With our support, the smartphone OEM was able to

  • improve the performance by tripling airflow thanks to the GORE Pressure Vent PE12
  • minimize the distortion of the smartphone speaker significantly
  • maintain reliable water protection according IPX8 standards for the device

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