During their design validation process, the client discovered that their existing mic vent failed the product waterproofing test, which caused catastrophic damage to the device.

The waterproofing problem was so severe that too many of the devices that were subjected to the design validation process were damaged beyond repair, and the client was unable to secure the reliability of the product.

The client approached Gore in the hope that they could offer a reliable alternative which could meet all of their performance and quality requirements.



Improved Waterproofing and Optimized Acoustic Performance

After the Vice President of the company called Gore for a solution to their problem, our application engineers were able to evaluate the requirements of the device and introduce a viable alternative product to suit the client’s needs.

Gore offered the GAW333 product, which already had a wellestablished reputation within the market. The product was able to provide the client with excellent acoustic performance and effective IPX8 water resistance.

By collaborating with the client, Gore was able to optimize the overall acoustic performance by adjusting the part design and improving the handling and installation properties.

    Gore’s ability to provide a product with reliable IPX8 protection and optimized acoustic performance was essential in delivering a trustworthy solution for the client. Gore’s understanding of the client’s manufacturing and installation procedures were utilized to prevent catastrophic water leakage, while maintaining excellent acoustic performance.
    Our deep understanding of the client’s applications and product requirements were integral to the development of a solution that satisfied all aspects of the client’s requirements.
    The Gore team provided an insightful treatment of the installation process that was able to facilitate a design with excellent handling and fitting characteristics.  A badly installed vent will inevitably lead to water leakage; our experience helped the customer to install the product with precision and accuracy.



Improved Waterproofing and Optimized Acoustic Performance

Eradicated: Water leakage problem in handset

Guaranteed: Water immersion protection up to 2.0m for 30 mins

Robust installation process: Client was able to adopt a Gore installation process, which ensured minimal yield loss for the device





Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.