The Most Advanced Membranes and Filter Construction

Filter Bag Seam Diagram

GORE® Filtration Products provide a comprehensive solution to your air filtration needs. One critical component of that solution is the expanded PTFE membrane. To keep your system optimized we are constantly improving the performance of our membranes. Each new generation directly leads to increases in productivity. A wide variety of GORE™ membranes and specially developed backing materials are available. These choices, and a rigorous filter construction process, let you get the highest performance from your filter. Individually designed bags for better fit and longer life

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GORE Filtration: Optimize System Performance

We minimize risk by optimizing the entire collector, not just the filters
IDF Baghouse

Complete System Analysis:

On-Site Troubleshooting
Right from the beginning we work to understand your system needs. Filtration engineers will evaluate every aspect of your baghouse and provide detailed feedback and suggestions for reaching optimal performance.

In-House Filter Bag and Cartridge Design
Our extensive filtration expertise is available to help you choose the right material and filter configuration that exactly matches your baghouse's characteristics. This ensures that the correct filter is in place right from start-up.

Fully Functional Prototypes
Gore’s prototyping shops provide run-ready filters of preliminary test designs. We efficiently produce high quality, small quantity runs that keep your trial costs down without sacrificing accuracy.

On-Site Installation Support
Thorough installation instructions are included with each shipment. Gore installation experts can also be on-site to provide guidance and ensure that the filters are properly installed. This facilitates quick start-ups and eliminates downtime associated with improper installation. GORE Filtration Products include a full array of system evaluation, design support, and installation services. Additionally, we provide a choice of extensive warranties, fully backed by a global support team. Optimization packages are available for all major baghouses.

Automated Data Collection and Analysis
Once suggested changes are in place, we can provide automated monitoring and data collection. This data will be used to analyze system performance and refine settings for optimized productivity.

Long-Term Optimization
We stay in touch with you throughout the life of your filter. The full depth of resources from the world’s leading filter innovator will be available to keep your filtration system up and running to maximize productivity.

Comprehensive Warranties
Our warranties can be customized to your exact application needs, and can range from months to years. They can protect you from mechanical failures, loss of airflow, pressure drop, or emissions problems. We give you the most cost-effective warranty solution for your application. This ensures that maximum return on every dollar of investment is achieved when using GORE Filtration Products.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.