This long lasting, acid-resistant fiberglass fabric filter bag is the latest technology for reverse air style dust collectors, enabling operation in high temperature environments (260 °C, 500 °F). It comes with our new GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag which has inherently less resistance to airflow and therefore provides a variety of benefits.

Features and Benefits

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag can be operated at a lower differential pressure (dP), resulting in fan energy savings, longer bag life and improved process control. Some customers choose to operate at a higher airflow (same dP) resulting in potential increases in production capacity or more effective evacuation. In all cases, this membrane provides excellent particulate capture efficiency, dust cake release and filtration performance.

  • The acid-resistant backing material offers enhanced flex life and chemical resistance, resulting in long bag performance life.
  • Optimized filter bag design brings the best properties of the filter materials together into a finished product where the strength of the design matches and enhances the durability of the components.


Chemicals Industry: Carbon black.

Energy Production: Utility and Industrial coal-fired boilers.

Metals Industry: Iron, steel and ferro-alloy furnaces.

Minerals Industry: Cement and lime kilns.

Laminate Technical Data


339 g/m2 (10 oz/yd2)

Fiber Content


Fabric Construction

1 x 3 RH Twill

Continuous Operating Temperature

260°C (500°F)

Maximum Surge Temperature

288°C (550°F)

Acid Resistance

Very good

Alkali Resistance


Breaking Strength


- Warp

1557 N/2.54 cm (350 lb/1 in) modified cut strip

- Fill

1112 N/2.54 cm (250 lb/1 in) modified cut strip

Mullen Burst

4137 kPa (600 psi)

All data expressed as typical values. This technical data is subject to change. Please contact W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., directly to confirm current information.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.