Before the launch of their first waterproof flagship phone, our customer – a Chinese OEM known for high-quality and elaborate products – wanted to make absolutely sure that they could meet their advertised water protection promise and, even exceed consumers’ expectations.

To live up to their ideals and good reputation, the smartphone manufacturer conducted the most challenging tests to really put the smartphone and its parts through their paces. For the pressure vents in particular a thermal cycling test was carried out.

This unusual testing method revealed: The previously chosen venting solution from a Gore competitor could not meet the extremely high demands of quality and endurance. Therefore, higher-quality solution was needed. The smartphone manufacturer immediately thought of Gore and contacted our regional urgent tech support in China.


Due to the small ID size and the locked-in design of the smartphone, engineering a fitting drop-in solution to meet customers’ needs was a challenging task. First Gore experts identified the problem, during testing, the competitor’s multi-layer vent became too hot which caused the adhesive to melt onto the membrane.

Since the Gore engineers hold extensive knowledge not only on pressure vents, but also on different adhesives and material science, they were able to develop a durable, high-quality application withstands the test of time and thermal cycling. This way, improved airflow can be assured even under high temperatures.

Designing a custom GORE® Pressure Vent PE13

Every project is different and poses different challenges. In this case, the smartphone and vent design had been approved before Gore’s involvement. Therefore, our experts had to develop a custom pressure vent solution to exactly fit the locked-in parameters which also included an extremely small ID size. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and unique ePTFE expertise, Gore always finds a way. Are you also looking for a custom pressure venting solution for a special project? Contact us.


The Gore team was able to analyze the challenge, find the optimal solution and ramp up the local supply chain all within 2 weeks. The wins:

  • A durable pressure venting solution that passes the thermal cycling test with ease
  • Fast production of ~2 million pieces
  • Easy communication, prompt support, and secure supply chain thanks to localized processes
  • Reduced R&D costs for their flagship smartphone line due to using custom GORE® Pressure Vent solution for several years to come

Why GORE® Portable Electronic Vents

Leading OEMs have specified over 5 billion GORE® Portable Electronic Vents because they know our products and services can help accelerate their development of innovative and differentiated devices in fast-paced, highly competitive markets.

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Product & Application Leadership

Grounded in a deep understanding of material science and acoustics, Gore can provide the optimum venting solution. We balance trade-offs between diverse problems such as adverse operating environments, immersion events and acoustic performance.

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To ensure products are “fit for use”, every Gore product must adhere to the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. Through a comprehensive understanding of end-use applications and requirements, our products do what they say they will do.

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Fast Development

The mobile electronics industry develops and releases new products quickly. Our fast response to customer requests during the development process sets us apart. Gore supports this need for quickness with designs and prototypes to ensure engineering teams can meet their project timelines and their application requirements.

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Supply Security

Leading OEMS specify Gore because we have consistently proven our ability to quickly supply vents for projects of over 10 million devices per year and continually supply high quality products on-time without disruption.


Material Science

Gore is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Gore develops materials with microporous structures that provide desirable attributes and performance characteristics to engineer vents and other products used in a variety of markets and industries.

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Global Support 

Our global teams of sales associates, application engineers, manufacturing engineers, and research personnel enable us to provide agile and robust support to customers around the world.

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