As a market leader in the segment of business laptops, it was DELL’s ambition that their new laptop model had to exceed the absolute highest industry standards in terms of design and performance as well as durability – or even set new benchmarks.

Based on DELL’s previous experience of working with Gore on two other projects, they knew we had an innovative and unique solution to offer that would enable them to build the best possible product: GORE® thermal insulation.

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GORE® Thermal Insulation is an advanced thermal management solution with a conductivity lower than air. This unique innovation enhances heat spreading capabilities which lets components perform at higher levels for considerably longer periods of time, reducing hot spots and accommodating shrinking form factors. Hence, GORE® Thermal Insulation significantly improves the overall user experience making it the perfect fit for DELL’s high demands.

Specifically, the design advantages gained with GORE® Thermal Insulation allowed DELL to fit a 17-inch panel inside a 15-inch housing without compromising the performance of the XPS 17. The CPU-performance could even be increased thanks to the enhanced heat spreading properties of our product.

Since DELL was already familiar with GORE® Thermal Insulation, the decision to collaborate was quickly made and a customized application was promptly presented. Our support for the customer didn’t stop there; for an optimized design, our technical engineer Mark Wang worked closely with DELL’s ODM in Taiwan to ascertain the proper and effective use of GORE® Thermal Insulation for an optimized design.

The Core of the Solution: GORE® Thermal Insulation

The solution used in the DELL XPS 17 laptop was a customized application of GORE® Thermal Insulation. For more detailed information, visit GORE® Thermal Insulation for Mobile Devices.

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The Gore team was the perfect fit for the job. Our unique expertise in the field of passive thermal management and the innovative properties of GORE® Thermal Insulation with a conductivity lower than air empowered DELL to develop the best possible product. The wins:

  • Custom thermal management solution that fits the high demands of a premium laptop line
  • Improved user experience through fulfillment of surface temperature specs, enhanced CPU-capacities, and appealing design choices
  • Close collaboration with the customer’s ODM in Taiwan to ensure quality and efficiency
  • Consistent high performance and quality for several DELL laptop generations
  • Easy integration to the design & manufacturing process

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