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GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies for Spaceflight Applications

Gore’s heritage of more than 30 years of failure-free flight performance in over 100 spaceflight programs has proven that GORE Microwave/RF Assemblies maintain electrical and mechanical integrity in the harsh environment of space. Our lightweight assemblies are engineered to maintain electrical and mechanical integrity when exposed to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and radiation.

Type SPP for High-Current Applications

Type SPP for High-Current Applications

Aboard spacecrafts, power-generating systems rely on their cables — and, therefore, so do space missions. GORE Space Cables, Type SPP for high-current applications are highly reliable, and their robust design is small, lightweight and flexible with a tight bend radius for easy installation in tight spaces.

Protective Braids

Protective Braids

Providing durable protection from the extreme temperatures present aboard spacecraft, Gore’s Protective Braids increase the reliability of signal integrity and offer easy installation in tight areas.

Space Cables, ASW (Anti-Static Wire)

GORE® Space Cables, ASW (Anti-Static Wire)

Built-up static electricity can threaten space missions when vital interconnects are in danger of short-circuiting. Insulated with a semi-conductive film that effectively drains static electricity, GORE Space Cables, ASW (Anti-Static Wire) are flexible, lightweight additions to Gore’s family of space cables delivering 100% failure-free performance.

Type CSC

GORE® Space Cables, Type CSC

With a robust, lightweight construction and small diameter, GORE Space Cables, Type CSC provide space and weight savings along with great flexibility and a striped design that make the cables easy to install and maintain.

Space Cables, Type CSWL

GORE® Space Cables, Type CSWL

The conditions in outer space put harsh demands on cables. GORE Space Cables, Type CSWL resist the extreme temperatures, chemicals and abrasion that exist on space crafts, while providing a flexible, durable design that eases installation.

Stripping Blades (Finished Wires)

Stripping Blades (Finished Wires)

Specifically designed to fit the Custom Stripmaster® and Custom Stripmaster® Lite Wire Strippers by Ideal Industries, Inc., Gore’s Stripping Blades for finished wires fit a number of GORE® Cables for the precise stripping of insulation materials.

High-Voltage Cables

High-Voltage Cables

Through our specially engineered Corona-Resistant PTFE insulation, GORE High-Voltage Cables provide a minimum of 10,000 hours of reliable performance at maximum voltage ratings, reducing the time needed for running cables in a spacecraft.

Space Cables, Type SPC for GEO Applications

GORE® Space Cables, Type SPC for GEO Applications

Unreliable signal integrity can pose a safety threat to critical space missions. Gore’s space cables, Type SPC for GEO applications provide the high signal quality, flexibility and durability needed for success in space

Type SPL for GEO Applications

GORE® Space Cables, Type SPL for GEO Applications

In critical space missions, signal integrity can never be in question. In GEO applications, GORE Space Cables, Type SPL deliver high signal quality, flexibility and durability to ensure the space mission is a success.