From the first moon landing to today's commercial airlines, Gore provides products and partnership to the aerospace industry.

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Gore’s commitment to innovation is based on a thorough understanding of materials and how they interact with their environment — with the result of reliable products for the aerospace industry. Gore’s products meet the industry’s unique challenges that include reducing downtime for maintenance, decreasing operating costs, improving pilot communication, and providing protection and comfort for flight and ground personnel.

Our Aerospace Industry Product Lines

For over 60 years, W. L. Gore & Associates has served the aerospace industry with reliable, innovative products and partnerships, from the first moon landing to today’s commercial airline flights. Lighter, more flexible and higher performing than alternatives, Gore’s product lines have become essential for meeting the unique challenges of aerospace environments in space, civil and defense applications.

Products Made for Aerospace

Everything that Gore manufactures is rooted in our commitment to innovation. Our team has a thorough understanding of aerospace materials, yielding reliable, time-tested and proven solutions for the aerospace industry that meet unique challenges, such as:

  • Reducing downtime for maintenance
  • Decreasing operating costs
  • Improving pilot communication
  • Providing protection and comfort for flight and ground personnel
  • Protecting aerospace materials against moisture and corrosion

Our smaller, lighter-weight cables and cable assemblies have been shown to reduce mass and simplify routing without compromising electrical and mechanical integrity. Our electronic materials also enhance the performance of sophisticated electrical systems and simplify product design. Because of this, Gore serves all three aerospace sub-industries with materials, wires, cables and other key products and components, including:


For the harsh conditions and requirements of space travel and exploration, Gore has provided reliable solutions since the 1960s. Our fibers have been woven into astronauts’ space suits since the first shuttle mission, and our products have been instrumental in the success of the Phoenix Mars Lander, the International Space Station and hundreds of satellite and aerospace applications. For smaller launch vehicles and satellites operating in low and medium earth orbits, Gore offers reliable, cost-effective solutions with established designs to meet demanding NewSpace program schedules. 


Civil aerospace demands higher-performing, longer-lasting solutions. Gore meets this demand with cables and materials engineered to be lightweight, high-performing and robust enough to withstand the challenging conditions of flight over the entire life of the aircraft.


Gore is a technology partner providing mission-critical solutions for the defense aerospace sector, including military aircraft manufacturers. Our solutions perform in the most demanding applications, ensuring mission-critical success, less downtime and improved total cost of ownership.

Gore’s Aerospace Capabilities and Product Lines

Gore developed unparalleled expertise in manipulating expanded PTFE and other fluoropolymers. Our engineers can change a material’s structure, shape, thickness and surface geometry, and then pair it with complementary materials to provide the performance qualities required by the application and the customer. The resulting product can be strong or permeable, rigid or flexible, thin or thick — with many additional combinations of properties that can be applied to meet the end-user requirements. This expertise has led to key innovations among Aerospace, including the following product lines:

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies

Designed for space, civil and defense applications, GORE Microwave/RF Assemblies maintain electrical and mechanical integrity in even the harshest in-flight environments. Our lightweight yet durable assemblies can withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and radiation, as well as keep water, vapor, fuel and other hazardous contaminants at bay.

GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies

Gore’s microwave assemblies for airframe are designed as fit-and-forget solutions to improve all aspects of protection and performance in critical avionic applications. Our lightweight, flexible airframe assemblies are proven to deliver the lowest insertion loss and provide a longer system life option, reduced downtime and lower total cost of ownership.

GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies

For the critical needs of testing defense, civil and spaceflight systems, GORE PHASEFLEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies enable precise and repeatable measurements. These test assemblies provide excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure, as well as reliable performance with longer service life, reduced equipment downtime and lower testing costs.

GORE® High Speed Data Cables for Defense Aircraft

We offer a wide range of high data rate cables for defense aircraft, which deliver reliable electrical and mechanical performance in demanding environments. Our selection includes fiber optic cables, Ethernet cables, quad cables (specialty versions), USB cables, CAN bus cables, DVI cables (digital only), HDMI cables, shielded twisted pair cables and more.

GORE® Space Cables

Thanks to their robust, lightweight construction and small diameter, GORE Space Cables are flexible enough yet have a tight bend radius for easy installation in tight spacecraft power-generating systems. Gore provides options for the critical needs of Traditional Space applications operating in low, medium and geostationary earth orbits and deep space. Additionally, a variety of options providing reliability and cost-effective options for Newspace are available.

GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Materials

For proven sealing and surface protection for your aircraft, choose GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials. They are lightweight, dry materials specified by leading OEMs because they simplify aircraft assembly, increase throughput, improve safety and reduce life-cycle costs. GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials perform reliably after exposure to vibration, fuels, chemicals fluids and wide temperature ranges. These materials are available in a variety of form-in-place (FIP) tapes and die-cut gaskets in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Solutions for Civil Aircraft

To meet the unique needs of commercial airliners, GORE Ethernet Cables for Civil Aircraft come in several constructions that solve complex routing challenges and meet high-speed data protocol requirements for airborne digital networks. We also offer GORE Fibre Channel Cables that enhance noise immunity, improve EMI suppression and maintain signal integrity. Further, the GORE Abrasion Resistant Cable Jacket can offer the highest level of abrasion and cut-through resistance available.

GORE® Leaky Feeder Antennas

Intended for use in civil aircraft, GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas provide uninterrupted Internet access, including picocells for mobile phone coverage and access points for airborne Wi-Fi, so everyone on board experiences reliable connectivity.

Get Started with Aerospace Cables & Materials

The aerospace industry relies on high-performing, long-lasting technology solutions. W. L. Gore & Associates has decades of experience providing these solutions with wires and cables, fiber optics, aerospace materials and other essentials. Gore products are tested to meet stringent standards. To learn more and talk with a Gore representative about your application, contact a specialist today. When you’re ready to order, a list of authorized distributors is available — contact a Gore distributor.

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