GORE® STA-PURE® Pump Tubing, Series PCS

Deliver consistent flow rate and superior protection against rupture, even at operating pressures up to 100 psig, with this durable, resilient tubing for peristaltic pumps.

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STA-PURE Pump Tubing Series PCS Data Sheet in English

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

The unique composite structure of the tube adds strength and high flex durability for greater security against rupture under challenging conditions, up to 100 psig.

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Challenging biopharmaceutical processes demand superior solutions — including peristaltic pump tubing that provides greater reliability and security against rupture. Conventional extruded silicone pump tubing may balloon or rupture at high pressure. GORE STA-PURE Pump Tubing, Series PCS employs a unique, patented composite structure that overcomes this limitation. Even at pressures up to 100 psig, Series PCS tubing delivers consistent flow rates. Series PCS offers:

High Flex Durability
  • Enables long production cycles

  • Minimizes incidence of rupture at high pressures
High Resilience
  • Maintains process stability
  • Delivers consistent flow rate
Standard Sizes
  • Retrofits easily to industry-standard peristaltic pumps.
  • Series PCS comes in standard sizes, available through our select channel partners. See a complete list of all our standard part numbers and dimensions.
Compatible with CIP/SIP and Autoclave Sterilization
  • Provides a flexible solution for industry-standard cleaning/sterilization procedures
  • Supports sterile fluid processing


Product Information

Cross section image showing detailed structure of STA-PURE® PCS Tube

Unlike conventional tubing, Series PCS is manufactured with a patented composite of platinum-cured silicone rubber, reinforced with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) for added strength and resilience.

Materials of Construction

Patented composite of thermoplastic material (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) and elastomeric material (platinum-cured silicone)

Fluid Contact Surface

Platinum-cured silicone

Performance Testing

To simulate challenging real world applications, Gore tested Series PCS tubing under rigorous conditions, up to 100 psig, following multiple cleaning and sterilization cycles, and over a wide range of discharge pressures.

Results Summary
Discharge Pressure (psig) Tube Life (hours) Loss of Initial Flow Rate (%)
10 >2160b 5.6
100 28c 4.1

a Continuous pumping of room temperature water in Watson-Marlow 500 Series peristaltic pumps, with pump head speed of 220 rpm (two rollers).

b Tube size = 9.5 mm (ID) x 2.4 mm (WT). When testing was terminated at 2,160 hours, all 6 samples were performing without rupture, leakage, flow reduction of 25 percent or more, or inability to sustain operating pressure. Tubing was subjected to conditions similar to five CIP/SIP cycles (three cycles before testing and two cycles during testing).

c Tube size = 3.2 mm (ID) x 2.4 mm (WT). All 18 tubing samples were tested until failure. Prior to testing, tubing was subjected to conditions similar to one CIP/SIP cycle. Based on a one-sided lower limit prediction interval, there is a 95 percent probability that any tube will perform without failure for at least 28 hours.

Biological and Physicochemical Testing*
Biological Testing USP <87> Biological Reactivity Tests In Vitro
USP <88> Biological Reactivity Tests In Vivo, Class VI
Physicochemical Testing Physicochemical testing as set forth in the Test Method section of USP <661> Containers — Plastics

*Results are verified annually.

Manufacturing Environment and Quality

GORE STA-PURE Pump Tubing, Series PCS is produced in a facility certified to ISO 9001 and is manufactured in an environment that follows clean concept principles to reduce particulates.

Every Series PCS product is visually inspected for contamination and for defects in materials and workmanship. The inner diameter, wall thickness, and length of the tubing are measured for each manufacturing lot and checked to ensure conformance to specifications.

Storage and Shelf Life

The expiration date is four years from the date of manufacture. This date is based on an accelerated aging study to simulate storage of the product for four years at room temperature and applies to the product in its original packaging.


Series PCS has been validated to operate after steam-in-place/clean-in-place (SIP/CIP) and autoclave sterilization. Irradiation sterilization methods such as gamma or electron beam should never be used because they may damage or degrade the mechanical properties of the product.

Detailed test information is provided in the GORE STA-PURE Pump Tubing, Series PCS Validation Guide, available upon request.


Product Comparison

GORE STA-PURE Pump Tubing, Series PCS Signifcantly Outperforms Silicone

Pharmaceutical or biotechnology manufacturers may be reluctant to use peristaltic pumps, due to pressure or durability limitations of conventional silicone pump tubing.

Series PCS provides an innovative solution to these performance limitations. A comparison with silicone tubing shows how greatly Series PCS has advanced tubing performance.

Long-term Reliability

Tests demonstrate the significant performance advantages of using Series PCS pump tubing rather than silicone in long-duration applications. Series PCS dramatically outperforms silicone in terms of both flow-rate decay and extended service life.

Series PCS Outperforms Silicone Tubing While Lasting At Least 70 Times Longer
Chart shows flow rate decay of Series PCS versus silicone tubing.

Series PCS did not fail; testing was terminated at 2,160 hours.
Silicone tubing failed within 29 hours.

Test Conditions
  • Continuous pumping of room temperature water in Watson-Marlow 500 Series peristaltic pumps, with discharge pressure of 10 psig and pump head speed of 220 rpm (two rollers).
  • Tube size: 9.5 mm (inner diameter) x 2.4 mm (wall thickness). Series PCS was subjected to five CIP/SIP cycles, (three cycles before testing, two cycles during testing. Silicone tubing was not subjected to CIP/SIP cycles.

Dimensions & Availability

Series PCS products are available in standard configurations, sized for easy retrofit with industry-standard equipment. See a complete list of all our standard part numbers and dimensions. To request a Validation Guide, or to connect with a trusted channel partner to discuss your specific needs, contact us.

Illustration of tube showing inner diameter, wall thickness, and tube length.
Inner Diameter (ID) Wall Thickness (WT) Length (L)
1.6 – 25.4 mm 0.8 – 9.0 mm 304.8 – 796.0 mm
0.063 – 1.0 in. 0.031 – 0.354 in. 12.0 – 31.3 in.
Standard Configurations


Gore Part
Inner Diameter
Wall Thickness
XZ12M 2.8 0.8 304.8
YA12M 1.6 1.6 304.8
YA14M 1.6 1.6 355.6
ZA12M 3.2 1.6 304.8
ZA14M 3.2 1.6 355.6
AA12M 4.8 1.6 304.8
AA14M 4.8 1.6 355.6
BA12M 6.4 1.6 304.8
BA14M 6.4 1.6 355.6
CA12M 8.0 1.6 304.8
CA14M 8.0 1.6 355.6
CA16M 8.0 1.6 406.4
YB14M 1.6 2.4 355.60
ZB14M 3.2 2.4 355.6
AB14M 4.8 2.4 355.6
BB14M 6.4 2.4 355.6
CB14M 8.0 2.4 355.6
DB14M 9.5 2.4 355.6
DB24M 9.5 2.4 609.6
BC24M 6.4 3.2 609.6
DC24M 9.5 3.2 609.6
EC24M 12.7 3.2 609.6
EC26M 12.7 3.2 660.4
FC24M 15.9 3.2 609.6
CH15M 8.0 4.0 381.0
LH15M 12.0 4.0 381.0
LH24M 12.0 4.0 609.6
NH15M 17.0 4.0 381.0
NH24M 17.0 4.0 609.6
DD24M 9.5 4.8 609.6
ED24M 12.7 4.8 609.6
FD24M 15.9 4.8 609.6
GD24M 19.1 4.8 609.6
HD24M 25.4 4.8 609.6
EE27M 12.7 6.4 685.8
GE27M 19.1 6.4 685.8
JF80M 25.0 9.0 796.0


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