GORE Molded Assemblies are configured to individual customer requirements and may include platinum-cured silicone molded connections, unions and manifolds, clamps, and bottle top assemblies. They may also include the GORE Aseptic Sampling Valve, a fully disposable, pre-assembled valve assembly that incorporates an intuitive lever-actuated design for simple and efficient operation.

GORE AME-Clamps enable convenient flow metering or precise flow closure within tubing systems for bioprocessing operations. These lightweight single-use clamps are easy to install over tubing, and the locking screw is fully adjustable using just one hand. GORE AME-Clamps are designed for process flexibility: they will perform reliably on silicone, braided silicone or TPE tubing with outer diameters of up to one inch.

Patent and License Information
  • GORE AME-Clamp is protected by US patent number 7,137,611.