GORE® EMI Shielding Solutions: GS5200 Series

With a PTFE construction, gaskets in the GS5200 Series withstand environmental factors like weather changes and precipitation to provide superior shielding effectiveness in telecommunications and wireless infrastructure equipment. 

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This white paper discusses the many factors that affect the choice of the best EMI shielding materials for an application. These factors include: the materials used in the product's enclosure, the environment in which the product will be used, performance requirements for the shielding materials, quantity of products to be manufactured, and the preferred installation equipment.

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The GS5200 Series die-cut into gaskets, ideal for telecommunications and wireless infrastructure equipment.

The GS5200 Series die-cut into gaskets, ideal for telecommunications and wireless infrastructure equipment.

In telecommunications applications, EMI gaskets are exposed to a variety of environmental factors, including extreme temperatures and precipitation. Despite this exposure, EMI gaskets need to provide reliable shielding and conductive performance over time to ensure electrical integrity.


The GS5200 Series of GORE EMI Shielding Solutions is a highly conductive, adhesive-backed EMI gasket material ideally suited for wireless infrastructure and telecommunications applications. Flame-retardant and engineered to withstand temperatures from -55°C to 125°C, the gaskets ensure electrical integrity in harsh environmental conditions.


The gaskets’ PTFE construction provides durability, thermal stability and superior shielding effectiveness.

The gaskets’ PTFE construction provides durability, thermal stability and superior shielding effectiveness.


Durable and thermally stable, the GS5200 Series is typically used in:

  • wireless infrastructure equipment
  • telecommunications equipment
  • specialized portable electronic devices

Features & Benefits

The GS5200 Series materials consist of a nick-filled PTFE matrix, a conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive and a PET carrier film. The materials can be supplied in die-cut part forms — or in slit-width rolls, which is ideal for manual “peel and stick” EMI gasket applications. Because of this three-layer construction and the use of PTFE, our gaskets offer:

  • excellent shielding effectiveness
  • excellent reliability through Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
  • flame-retardancy (UL-94 V-0)
  • broad temperature range (-55°C to 125°C)

The GS5200 Series is successfully used worldwide. If you have any questions about EMI shielding materials, please contact us.


The GS5200 Series reliably offers these nominal material properties:

Hardness Density (gm/cc) Operating Temperature Fire Safety Rating (UL-94)
(Shore A) 60 1.95 -55°C to 125°C V-0

The series’ electrical properties include superior volume resistivity and shielding effectiveness:

Volume Resistivity (25% compression, Ag electrodes) Shielding Effectiveness(with adhesive)
0.04 ohm-cm (without adhesive) > 90 dB(ARP 1705 Method)



The GS5200 Series is available in a range of thicknesses:

In. Mm.
0.015 0.38
0.024 0.61
0.030 0.76
0.048 1.22
0.060 1.52


RoHS Compliance

The GS5200 Series has been tested for RoHS compliance. W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. declares that we do not intentionally add any of the substances listed below in Directive 2011/65/EC, Directive 2002/95/EC and directive 2003/11/EC to the GS5200 Series of GORE EMI Shielding Solutions. Gore certifies that the parts listed are allowable threshold levels for the materials listed in the following table.

RoHS Material Pass/Fail
Lead (Pb) Content Pass
Cadmium (Cd) Content Pass
Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) Content Pass
Mercury (Hg) Content Pass
Bromine Compounds* Pass

* Five bromine compounds are covered under RoHS: Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE), Pentabromodiphenylether (PentaBDE), Octabromodiphenylether (OctaBDE), Decabromodiphenylether (DecaBDE).

Product Selection Guide

GORE EMI Shielding Solutions vary by compression force, flammability performance, application approval and many other factors. Please consult this chart to determine which product in the series suits your application needs.

  GS2100 GS5200 GS5200
Shielding Effectiveness > 70dB
Compression Force <100 psi      
Compatible with Plastic Housing      
Compatible with Snap Fasteners      
Tolerance Take-up or Surface Variation    
Dust/Water Ingress Rated    
Flammability Performance X - V0 X - V0 X - V0  
Low Outgassing    
Military / Aerospace Approved    
Part Number Information for GORE® EMI Shielding Materials—Strip Gaskets
Part Number Material Configuration Width
EDR-52-015-1000-SC GS5200-015 1.000"
EDR-52-015-0750-SC GS5200-015 0.750"
EDR-52-015-0500-SC GS5200-015 0.500"
EDR-52-015-0375-SC GS5200-015 0.375"
EDR-52-015-0250-SC GS5200-015 0.250"
EDR-52-015-0125-SC GS5200-015 0.125"
EDR-52-024-1000-SC GS5200-024 1.000"
EDR-52-024-0750-SC GS5200-024 0.750"
EDR-52-024-0500-SC GS5200-024 0.500"
EDR-52-024-0375-SC GS5200-024 0.375"
EDR-52-024-0250-SC GS5200-024 0.250"
EDR-52-024-0125-SC GS5200-024 0.125"
EDR-52-030-1000-SC GS5200-030 1.000"
EDR-52-030-0750-SC GS5200-030 0.750"
EDR-52-030-0500-SC GS5200-030 0.500"
EDR-52-030-0375-SC GS5200-030 0.375"
EDR-52-030-0250-SC GS5200-030 0.250"
EDR-52-030-0125-SC GS5200-030 0.125"


Design Considerations

When optimizing a gasket shielding solution, consider the housing design as well as the EMI gasket performance.

Important considerations in the housing design include flatness, surface roughness, material type, rigidity, contact area, tolerance take-up, conductivity, fastener type and fastener locations.

Key factors in an EMI gasket include softness, tolerance take-up, conductivity (DC resistance), and shielding effectiveness both before and after Accelerated Life Testing (ALT).

Gore application engineers can provide expert design assistance and rapid prototyping for your EMI shielding needs. Please contact us for more information about the right solution for your design needs.


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