GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies

All of these assemblies are qualified to MIL-T-81490 airframe standards, including Gore's Cable Type 06 at 18 GHz. Their National/NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) include:

  • 5995015931993
  • 5995015931988
  • 995015931990
  • 5995015931991
  • 5995015931989
  • 5995015931986
  • 5995015931995
  • 5995015931996
  • 5995015931992

GORE® High Speed Data Cables

Each version of Gore’s high data rate cables has unique qualities that are ideal for certain air defense applications. Contact a Gore representative today if you need help making a selection from these offerings:

  • NSN 5995016578351: Ethernet, Cat6A protocol, 10G BASE-T
  • NSN 5995016569656: USB, 2.0 protocol, 10 Gb/s

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For GORE High Speed Data Cables, view our sample inventory and order today for prototyping and evaluation in your application. Our selected pre-qualified samples are complimentary and available with short lead times based on in-stock availability.

For GORE-FLIGHT Microwave/RF Assemblies, use our online cable builder to build an assembly that meets your exact needs and request a quote. If you need to determine insertion loss, VSWR and other parameters, use our online cable calculator.

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.