Gore Sealants are among the world's tightest chemically-resistant gaskets.

Gaskets for Industrial Applications

GORE® Gaskets provide fast, easy installation and tight, reliable sealing for glass-lined steel, plastic and steel flanges in the most demanding industrial applications worldwide. Made of 100% ePTFE, this chemically-inert tape, cord and sheet gasketing resists attack by everything except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. Exceptional temperature resistance (-450° F to 600° F) makes Gore Gaskets suitable for applications ranging from cryogenic to high-temperature processes.

  • Gasket Tape
    GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing
    Exceptionally resistant to creep, cold flow and aggressive media, this 100% ePTFE gasket sheet reliably seals steel piping and equipment.
  • Joint Sealant
    GORE® Joint Sealant
    Versatile, easy-to-install 100% ePTFE sealing cord is a cost-effective solution for large steel flanges in general-use applications.
  • Gore Gasket Tape Series 1000
    GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000
    Easily and reliably seal glass-lined steel to contain aggressive media, protect equipment, and reduce emissions.
  • Gasket Tape
    GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500
    Delivers the latest advancements in worry-free sealing performance and efficiencies for steel piping and equipment.
  • Pipe Gasket
    GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket
    Reliably seal a broad range of flange materials with this low stress-to-seal, exceptionally dimensionally stable and chemically resistant 100% ePTFE gasket.
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