Sewing Thread for Outdoor Applications
GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain, ideal for outdoor applications.
Sewing Thread for Outoors

GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread

For Seams that Last a Fabric's Lifetime

GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread is a long-lasting thread which enhances the life of the outdoor and marine products in which it is used. Conventional seam threads on awnings and other outdoor fabric products suffer from exposure to wind and weather. After a few years they can become brittle and break. In contrast, GORE® Tenara® Sewing Thread is a thread you can really rely on: it does not deteriorate from exposure to the elements – not even when exposed to UV radiation!

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Why Shazeebo uses only GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread in shade sails.

Extended Product Life through Resistance to the Elements
The unique ePTFE fiber construction of GORE® TENARA® thread extends the life of fabric seams and ultimately the products in which it is used.

Ordinary polyester thread fibers break down over time due to exposure to UV sunlight, cleaning agents, saltwater and extreme weather. GORE® TENARA® Thread is not affected by these agents, making it ideal for outdoor use. In fact, it is guaranteed to outlast the fabric in which it is used!*

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Resistance to sunlight is a key requirement for high quality outdoor products. GORE® Tenara® sewing thread maintains its strength even after regular exposure to UV sunlight and constant outdoor use.

We only use pigments which are highly resistant to light. Due to the manufacturing process and the exceptional properties of PTFE, GORE® Tenara® sewing threads are extremely color-fast.

GORE® Tenara® Sewing Thread remains flexible even in extremes of temperature or frost. It gives outdoor fabric products the kind of strength that withstands severe weather conditions – even after years of exposure.

PTFE is unaffected by acids, alkaline solutions and cleaning chemicals. Due to its chemical characteristics it is highly suitable for use in manufacturing processes involving contact with aggressive media.


GORE® TENARA® Thread can improve the performance of a variety of products where seam life and integrity are of the utmost importance. This thread will not break down due to exposure to the elements, and therefore it is ideally suited for use in a variety of outdoor and marine fabric applications.
GORE® TENARA® Thread is currently available through a network of distributors worldwide.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

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