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Reliable Performance for an Adventurous Lifestyle

Capturing adventures on an action camera requires the most robust devices. Discover how a renowned brand for panoramic sports cameras redefined durability and learn which part Gore played in the developing process.

Empowering Smartwatch Advancements: A Waterproofing Triumph

Learn how Gore venting technology empowered the ODM of a well-known Chinese technology manufacturer to secure their role in a growing market. Discover how our in-depth knowledge helped to successfully develop their first waterproof smartwatch, all without compromising acoustic quality.

Gore Venting Technology for High-Performing TWS Earbuds

Discover how the synergy of Gore technology and global teamwork helped a major audio electronics OEM develop their flagship True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds to have cutting-edge sound quality. Learn more about the solution that seamlessly combines superior acoustic transparency with IPx4 waterproofing.

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A photographer taking a photo of a waterfall

A Case Study on GORE® Acoustic Vents: Learn how our regional tech support and localized processes helped a Chinese Smartphone OEM to implement a venting solution that fits their extremely high quality and durability demands in only 2 Weeks.

Extended Water Entry Pressure Test Guideline

Extended Water Entry Pressure Test Guideline

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The guidelines are based on Gore’s best practices in eWEP (extended Water Entry Pressure) testing for GORE® Portable Electronic Vents. Please follow the guidelines to conduct the eWEP testing to minimize water leakage failures caused by test issues.

Pressure Vents provide superb reliability through exceptional balance of airflow and water protection.

GORE® Pressure Vents Data Sheet

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Rapid environmental changes can lead to pressure differentials between inside and outside of an electronic device. GORE® Pressure Vents provide superb reliability through exceptional balance of airflow and water protection.

Flyer for 10 ATM smartwatches

Gore launches two breakthrough products- GORE® Acoustic Vent and GORE® Pressure Vent for 10 ATM smartwatches, that enable smartwatch users to dive down to 100 meters without compromising performance or audio quality.

Installation and Handling Guidelines for Portable Electronic Vents screenshot

GORE® Portable Electronic Vents provide an effective barrier against liquids, dust and dirt while equalizing pressure and minimizing transmission loss and attenuation in sealed acoustic devices. To maximize the performance of the vent for the lifetime of your product...

Mr. Hizuka, VP of FCNT and Tomtom, and Gore Field Associate

Success Story: GORE® Vents and Thermal Insulation products for FCNT’s waterproof models

NEMA Ratings and What They Mean

Technical Information

A critical aspect of vent selection begins with defining the level of protection your application, device or housing requires.

IP ratings cannot be “converted” to NEMA ratings, since NEMA requires additional testing not included in IP. However, there are minimum NEMA ratings that will meet or exceed a given IP code.