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Mastering Complexity in the Evolution of Smartphones

In order to maintain optimal acoustic performance in ever-evolving smartphones, manufacturers need to excel in complexity. Discover how a leading tech company secured their share in the market by mastering this challenge and learn how Gore empowered them to do so.

Woman with earbuds in the rain

A Case Study on GORE® Acoustic Vents for TWS Earbuds: Learn how Gore Technology helped a renowned OEM of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds stand out from their competition by providing acoustic performance never before experienced.

Empowering Smartwatch Advancements: A Waterproofing Triumph

Learn how Gore venting technology empowered the ODM of a well-known Chinese technology manufacturer to secure their role in a growing market. Discover how our in-depth knowledge helped to successfully develop their first waterproof smartwatch, all without compromising acoustic quality.

Gore Venting Technology for High-Performing TWS Earbuds

Discover how the synergy of Gore technology and global teamwork helped a major audio electronics OEM develop their flagship True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds to have cutting-edge sound quality. Learn more about the solution that seamlessly combines superior acoustic transparency with IPx4 waterproofing.

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woman repairing a smartphone

A Case Study on GORE® Acoustic Vents: Learn how we helped a Smartphone OEM improve acoustic performance and reduce cost effectively.

Quick and Easy Solution Averts Commercial Sales Stoppage

Learn how we provided a global player in audio products with an efficient solution to minimize a lengthy commercial sales stoppage of wireless headphones.

Mr. Hizuka, VP of FCNT and Tomtom, and Gore Field Associate

Success Story: GORE® Vents and Thermal Insulation products for FCNT’s waterproof models

Venting - Portable - Case Study - Incipio Waterproof Protection - US

Incipio Technologies, Inc., is a global manufacturer of mobile device accessories that are continually at the forefront of mobile technology. With products sold in over 40,000 retail locations worldwide, Incipio® focuses on offering advanced and protective accessories available at the time of device launches. Incipio® was designing a new, rugged case for high-end mobile phones that can withstand challenging environments.

Improved Waterproofing and Optimized Acoustic Performance

A Case Study on GORE® Acoustic Vents in a Smartphone

Gore Expertise Provides Yield Loss Reduction

A Case Study on GORE® Acoustic Vents in a Smartphone

Learn how our engineers and our product model GAW333 prevented potentially catastrophic consequences of acoustic inconsistency.