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In this Q&A article, Simon Cleghorn, Global Product Specialist at W. L. Gore & Associates, shares insights into the role of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology in Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) and how Gore's advanced materials expertise addresses the challenges of this demanding sector. Simon, with 28 years of fuel cell experience, highlights PEM fuel cells as a compelling alternative for decarbonizing the heavy-duty transport sector due to their unique benefits in power and energy compared to lithium-ion batteries. 

The discussion emphasizes the distinct requirements for commercializing fuel cells in HDVs, including longer lifetimes, higher-temperature operation, and significantly greater power output. Simon underlines the critical metric for the heavy-duty sector as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), revealing that achieving cost parity with diesel engines requires a multi-faceted approach. 

Examining the development challenges, Simon identifies fuel cost as the largest contributor to TCO and emphasizes the need for investments in material requirements and operational strategies. Gore's approach focuses on optimizing PEM attributes—membrane resistance, mechanical durability, chemical durability, gas permeability, and price—to impact system design, efficiency, and cost. 

The article concludes with Gore's commitment to providing fuel cell solutions that extend beyond material attributes. As the transportation sector trends toward zero-emission, the outlook for Fuel Cell HDVs appears positive. Gore remains dedicated to partnering with customers, offering high-performance PEMs that ensure cost-effective and competitive fuel cell solutions in this evolving landscape. 

For a comprehensive understanding of Gore's insights and strategies in fuel cell technology for HDVs, read the full article by Simon Cleghorn.

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