Preparing the Panel

Prime, paint or otherwise treat the surface prior to installation. Placing the panel on a flat surface, remove all old tape or other sealing materials and inspect the panel edges to ensure they’re not damaged or delaminated. Clean the panel with a cleaner like isopropyl alcohol and a cloth. When selecting solvents for removal of existing sealants, be sure to follow your aircraft maintenance manual requirements or company procedures.

Installing the Gasket

When installing Gore’s gaskets, follow these simple steps:

  • Align the gasket. The holes should match the fastener holes on the panel
  • Without stretching it, lay the gasket flat
  • Carefully peel off the pressure-sensitive liner
  • Once aligned, apply light pressure
  • Visually inspect the gasket for damage before closing the panel

Refer to the aircraft maintenance manual for inspection criteria, as well as use and re-use cycles.

Learn More About GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Materials

Gore’s aerospace gaskets and complete line of other materials deliver a host of benefits compared to alternatives. For one, they effectively seal panels while remaining flexible and compliant over numerous open/close cycles, protecting against corrosion and minimizing damage caused by vibration, other mechanical forces and intense aerospace environments. Because they do not require cure time, they make installation more efficient and simplify maintenance, as the panels can be removed easily for inspection.

To learn more about our aerospace materials, contact a Gore representative today to discuss your specific application.


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