Cable Performance and Specifications

GORE Coiled Cables (High-Speed Data/Video) for Defense Land Systems significantly improve signal integrity and speed up to 10 Gbps on vectronics digital networks and other communications systems. Besides their unfailing high-speed performance, our coiled cables offer defense forces other advantages that continue to outperform conventional substitutes, including:


A sturdy thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket and engineered fluoropolymer inner jacket, along with braided and aluminized polyimide shielding give GORE Coiled Cables (High Speed Data/Video) for Defense Land Systems added strength. This rugged coiled cable design protects sensitive wires from RF interference while withstanding wide temperatures, weather, vibration and other challenging conditions commonly found in combat zones. Other construction features include color-coded composite dielectric, silver-plated copper or SPC alloy wires, and a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) filler.


Our unique compact design also yields a significant size reduction over substitutes by bringing a military coiled cable that’s 24% smaller and 25% lighter. Our low-weight coiled cable lightens the equipment load that soldiers have to carry during operations while also saving valuable weight in combat and support vehicles.


Thanks to their high flexibility, our defense coiled cable expands to your desired length and effortlessly retracts to their original form, which helps to minimize stress on wires. You can easily attach them to vectronics and soldier-worn systems — even weave them into uniforms.

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Many Applications

GORE Coiled Cables (High-Speed Data/Video) for Defense Land Systems meet strict industry standards. Due to their long-term durability and reliability, our military-grade coiled cable is an ideal solution in a wide range of high-speed data and video applications, such as:

  • Augmented reality solutions
  • Digital camera/video systems
  • Helmet-mounted displays
  • Mission/radar systems
  • Radio/communications systems
  • Soldier-worn systems
  • Tactical links
  • Telescopic masts for optronics
  • Vectronics digital networks

Ordering GORE Coiled Cables (High-Speed Data/Video) for Defense Land Systems

Trusted by the armed forces for decades, our high-speed coiled cable proves to be a reliable replacement for conventional substitutes in modern vectronics and soldier-worn systems. If you have any questions or you’re ready to purchase our product, contact a Gore representative today, who will help you customize a solution based on your exact application requirements and place your order.