GORE® Automotive Vents give you more design options

These lightweight low-profile adhesive vents are available in a range of footprints, shapes and geometries suitable for everything from the smallest accessory lights to larger or more crowded enclosures that demand higher moisture diffusion.

Graphic of moisture exiting lamp through membrane of GORE Automotive Vent

Condensation is reduced as moisture passes out of the lamp enclosure through the GORE Membrane.

You can choose from a selection of GORE® Vents that deliver higher rates of moisture transfer, to help manage condensation more effectively.  And that may mean you can reduce the number of vents you need for a given lamp design. 

Effective venting in a lightweight, space-saving format that’s easy to design-in and easy to install: it means more design flexibility and more options for vent placement. More confidence, too, since all our automotive lighting vents are designed to deliver life-of-vehicle performance and protection.

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.