Please note: While these termination instructions offer a helpful guide, they should always be used alongside current connector system manufacturing instructions for best results.

About the Termination Instructions

These Termination Instructions are intended solely for terminating Gore’s 4-pair Cat6A Ethernet cables with the socket and pin versions of the ITT Cannon OctoGig™ Connector System. They first detail the tools and materials you’ll need, which include:

  • Male connector pin (980-2002-551)
  • Female connector socket (980-2002-552)
  • Soft-jawed pliers, flush cutters, hand strippers and round cable cutters
  • Sharpie, plastic pick, tweezers, small scissors, braid brush and ruler
  • Digital Calipers with .001-inch precision or better
  • ITT Cannon Crimp Die, DCM Crimper (M22520/2-01)

Preparing the cable and parts and terminating the socket connector (A End) and pin connector (B End) are all covered thoroughly, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and photos to help you ensure proper termination.

Contact a Gore Representative for More Information or Assistance

Terminating Gore’s wires and cables properly with connectors ensures high-speed data transmission with optimal signal integrity. These assembly termination instructions should only be used for the 4-pair design of GORE Ethernet Cables for Cat6A protocol with the socket and pin versions of the TT Cannon OctoGig™ Connector System.

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If you need help with connector-cable compatibility and termination, contact a Gore representative for aerospace and defense today.

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