The dielectric constant is an important material property of any electrical cable insulation. It drives the design and determines the impedance and signal speed propagating down the cable length. These two properties — dielectric constant and velocity of propagation — are obtained from the scattering parameters (s-parameters) measured over frequency. Namely, the time delay of a signal propagating down a transmission line can be calculated from the unwrapped phase of the transmitted signal.

The primary dielectric insulation in the construction of GORE Ethernet Cables is expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), proven to have stable thermal properties in volatile flight conditions. This unique engineered fluoropolymer is key to our cables’ smaller diameter, lighter weight and reliable signal integrity over extreme temperatures.

Testing & Results

To prove thermal stability, Gore tested the 4-pair Cat6A version of their aviation Ethernet cables (part number RCN9047-26) at a length of 13.3 m (43.5 ft.) over a temperature range of -55C° to 200°C. They measured differential s-parameters over 0.5 MHz through 1 GHz frequencies at each temperature. Then, they analyzed the data according to the SAE AS6070™ standard using defined calculations and recorded the results for dielectric properties over temperature.

Results showed the velocity of propagation of a signal transmitting down the length of GORE Ethernet Cables remained nearly constant with less than 1% variation over a wide temperature range.

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The 4-pair version of GORE Ethernet Cables for Cat6A protocol offers durable, compact designs that give defense and commercial aircraft system engineers more flexibility during installation. And peace of mind knowing our cables will hold up in volatile flight conditions, like extreme temperatures experienced from tarmac to altitude.

For prototyping and evaluation in your application, we offer selected complimentary samples of our Ethernet cables and other high data rate solutions. If you’re ready to buy now, contact an authorized distributor for in-stock availability.

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