Cable Performance and Specifications

Designed specifically for 4K video interface systems, GORE Coaxial Cables for Defense Land Systems offer vehicle OEMs what they’ve been asking for — a reliable, lightweight 75-ohm cable that maintains controlled impedance during missions. Gore’s cables have been proven to optimize signals and video transmission with ultra-low loss at 6 GHz despite challenging environmental conditions and mechanical forces. They also deliver numerous other benefits compared to standard legacy RG alternatives:


Durability is improved significantly with Gore’s strong engineered fluoropolymer jacket, braided shield, helically wrapped silver-plated copper outer conductor and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) dielectric. These rugged layers allow our coaxial cables to easily resist fluctuating temperatures from -55 °C to +200 °C, changing weather patterns, high abrasion, hazardous chemicals and more. Providing superior shielding effectiveness over 100 at dB through 2 MHz, they also reduce RF interference among critical electronics in armored vehicles.


Without jeopardizing their mechanical strength and electrical reliability, GORE Coaxial Cables for defense land systems offer a lighter weight design with smaller diameters, saving valuable weight in military vehicles. Unlike legacy RG coaxial cables, you can flex and bend Gore’s cables tighter, making them easier and faster to route in crowded areas. 

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Several Applications

GORE Coaxial Cables have undergone substantial qualification testing to ensure they transmit reliable 4K signals and video. Along with meeting the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standards, they exceed the following stringent industry requirements:

  • EN3475-503: Test Methods for Scrape Abrasion
  • EN4604-003: Cable Characteristics for Signal Transmission
  • FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part I: Flammability
  • MIL-C-17G: Cables, Radio Frequency, Flexible and Semi-Rigid
  • SMPTE 292M: Bit-Serial Digital Interface for High Definition Television (HDTV)
  • SMPTE 424M: 3 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface for HDTV
  • SMPTE 2081-1: 6 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface for HDTV
  • SMPTE 2082-1: 12 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface for HDTV

Their compliance and optimized performance at 75 ohms make GORE Coaxial Cables an ideal replacement for legacy RG alternatives in remote-controlled turret cameras, vehicle camera links and vectronics displays.

How to Order GORE Coaxial Cables

Available in a standard size, GORE Coaxial Cables prove dependable in many types of military vehicles. To learn more about how this product and our other high-performance solutions for defense land systems can enhance your application, contact a Gore representative today. When you’re ready to purchase our part number CXN3671, you can also contact a trusted distributor.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.