Back in 2019, waterproofing technology became increasingly popular in high-end wearable devices. Soon after, the trend also reached more mid-tier brands. To stay relevant in the evolving market, a renowned Chinese company for mobile electronics planned on upgrading their more cost-effective model by adding 5 ATM water protection to its features. The ODM who had worked on the previous devices was tasked with developing a suitable design. However, crafting a waterproof design was uncharted territory for them.

Luckily, Gore offers in-depth knowledge when it comes to waterproofing technology and knew exactly how to help.


At that time, only three companies offered products that could meet the ODM’s strict requirements. Nonetheless, the customer was looking for more than just reliable performance, they also needed a partner who was able to offer extensive support and guidance.

This is where Gore stood out from the competition: Our engineers did not only introduce our solution to the customer’s team, but also taught them hand in hand how to use it correctly. We shared valuable information on assembly and installation, but most importantly, we provided the ODM with crucial design guidelines and insights on how to conquer acoustic challenges.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we extended our support to the ODM’s manufacturing site once the solution was ready for assembly. The Gore team on site helped our customer solve any issues that arose during installation, including flaws impacting the device’s acoustic quality.

The Technologies Behind the Solution: GORE® Acoustic Vents and GORE® Pressure Vents

In order to meet our customers’ waterproofing needs without compromising acoustic quality, we chose to combine two powerful technologies: GORE® Acoustic Vents and GORE® Pressure Vents, each individually adjusted to the ODM’s requirements.

For detailed specifications and in-depth information on both technologies, please visit GORE® Acoustic Vents or GORE® Pressure Vents.


With the help of Gore’s unwavering support and expertise, our customer achieved a significant milestone by successfully creating their first waterproof smartwatch, maintaining their ability to compete in the growing market. Here are further wins of the project:

5 ATM Waterproof Smartwatch

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