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Quiet Places


Designed to stop the reflection of sound or electromagnetic waves, anechoic chambers are essential to today’s consumer electronics testing. Consumer Electronics Test & Development surveys some of the most silent spaces on Earth.

“Gore has been performing acoustic tests using anechoic test environments for over 20 years and more recently purchased the fully anechoic chamber to expand our measurement capability,” says Banter.

First published in the October 2022 issue Consumer Electronics Test & Development

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Al seleccionar un elemento de ventilación es esencial definir el nivel de protección que requiere la aplicación, el dispositivo o la carcasa.

Los grados de protección IP no pueden «convertirse» a grados de protección NEMA, ya que NEMA exige unos ensayos adicionales que no incluye el sistema IP. Sin embargo, existen grados mínimos de protección NEMA que cumplen o superan un determinado código IP.


Sistemi di sfiato

Un aspetto cruciale per la selezione dello sfiato consiste nella definizione del livello di protezione richiesto dall'applicazione, dal dispositivo o dall'involucro.

Le classificazioni IP non possono essere "convertite" in classificazioni NEMA, in quanto NEMA richiede un collaudo supplementare non incluso in IP. Tuttavia, esistono classificazioni NEMA minime che soddisfano o superano determinati codici IP.


Image: GORE® MEMS Protective Vents Style 200 IP5X Dust Exposure Report

Protective Vents for Outdoor Electronics

A Proven Solution to Protect MEMS Microphones

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Rigorous testing shows how GORE® MEMS Protective Vents Style 200 reliably prevents particle contamination and pressure build-ups in MEMS microphones, and enables higher manufacturing yields and in-process acoustic testing in high-volume PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly operations.

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Improved Consistency in Testing screenshot

Portable Electronic Vents

Electronic devices with audio components must include openings in their housings to enable sound waves to be transmitted. Having a durably rugged housing for your portable electronic device protects the internal electronics from environmental contaminants. The International Standard IEC 60529 defines specific levels of protection for enclosures with electronic voltage not exceeding 72.5 kilovolts. The requirements outlined in the IEC 60529 standard do not adequately provide consistent testing of the protective vents needed for portable electronic devices. W. L.

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Installation and Handling Guidelines for Portable Electronic Vents screenshot

Portable Electronic Vents

GORE® Portable Electronic Vents provide an effective barrier against liquids, dust and dirt while equalizing pressure and minimizing transmission loss and attenuation in sealed acoustic devices. To maximize the performance of the vent for the lifetime of your product...

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データシート:ゴア® プレッシャーベント

データシート, 1.55 MB,


ゴア® プレッシャーベントは、水の浸入に対して必要な保護レベルと最大の通気量を実現し、最高の圧力調整ソリューションを提供します。


GORE<sup>®</sup> Acoustic Vent - Immersion application Data Sheet