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Bonded Telemetry Pairs

GORE® Geophysical Seismic Cables: Bonded Telemetry Pairs

Small, lightweight and impenetrable by liquids, GORE Bonded Telemetry Pair Cables provide  superior data transmission performance for marine geophysical exploration applications.

Geometric Shapes Signify that GORE® Performance Membranes Are the Perfect Fit for Your Gas Sensors.

GORE® Performance Membranes for Gas Sensors

Gore’s ePTFE membranes for gas sensors come with outstanding performance as gas-permeable protective membranes and as functional membranes in electrochemical sensor cells.

PTFE Fiber Solutions

Rope Fiber

GORE® Performance Fiber for High Performance Ropes can drastically increase the service life of synthetic ropes used in high-tension bending applications.


GORE Turbine Filters

GORE® Turbine Filters for Air Inlet Filtration

Upgrading to GORE Turbine Filters with E12 hydrophobic HEPA technology has provided enormous value to rotating equipment users.

Bonded Telemetry Quads

GORE® Geophysical Seismic Cables: Bonded Telemetry Quads

Marine geophysical exploration requires equipment that’s durably waterproof. Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables from Gore block fluid penetration between components while delivering the highest-available signal attenuation.

Power Pairs

GORE® Geophysical Seismic Cables: Power Pairs

Lightweight and with a smaller diameter and voltage rating than conventional power pairs, GORE™ Power Pair Cables deliver the mechanical stability and efficiency needed in marine geophysical exploration applications.

石油・ガス用ダウンホール機器向けHook up wire

GORE® Hook-Up Wires for Oil & Gas Downhole Equipment

In harsh oil and gas environments, downhole tools need to handle mechanical stress — and, above all, not fail. The small size and robustness of GORE Hook-Up Wires make them tough and dependable, while providing design freedom to manufacturers.

High Temperature Capacitors

GORE™ High Temperature Capacitors for Oil & Gas Power Electronics

Increase downhole tool reliability with the only capacitor offering stable performance in harsh environments.  Unlike traditional capacitors, Gore technology avoids sudden and complete failure for a more predictable mission completion.

Insulated Wires for Oil and Gas Downhole Equipment

GORE® Insulated Wires for Oil and Gas Downhole Equipment

Cables and wires are vital components in downhole equipment, and the consequences can be costly if they fail. Whether you need wires for power, signal, magnet or thermocouple, GORE Insulated Wires deliver failure-free performance and protection in a smaller, more durable package extending equipment life in harsh environments.

GORE Magnet Wires

GORE™ Magnet Wires for Oil & Gas Downhole Motors

Extend motor life, increase tool reliability and minimize the risk of unexpected catastrophic failures with durable magnet wires from Gore. With exceptional resistance to extreme downhole conditions, our robust wires are proven to maintain the highest voltage endurance — unmatched by traditional heavy build enameled wires.