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GORE-SELECT® Membranes Support Sunrise Power's Vehicle Fuel Cell Stack In More Than 5000 Hours of Reliable Operation

Posted May 15, 2018

Gore has been chosen as the key supplier of proton exchange membranes for the Sunrise Power HYMOD®-300 vehicle fuel cell stack.

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Posted November 27, 2018

ELKTON, Md (November 27, 2018) - People are taking their smartphones and other portable electronic devices everywhere and through all conditions, subjecting devices to temperature changes, rapid altitude and pressure shifts, compression of sensitive touchscreens and even immersion in liquids.

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Gore Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Market-Leading GORE® SEAMGUARD® Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement

Posted November 12, 2018

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of its GORE® SEAMGUARD® Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement, a synthetic buttressing material engineered to reduce leaks and bleeding in a variety of minimally-invasive weight loss procedures, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

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Gore to Highlight Real-World Aortic Data at 45th Annual VEITHsymposium®

Posted November 8, 2018

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) will highlight data gleaned from its Global Registry for Endovascular Aortic Treatment (GREAT) Study at the 45th Annual Symposium on Vascular and Endovascular Issues, VEITHsymposium® in New York.

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Gore Showing Advanced Technical Solutions for Military & Defense Applications at 2018 Cribbins/ASE Symposiums

Posted November 8, 2018

Gore will be featuring their selection of advanced technical solutions for military and defense applications at the 2018 Cribbins and Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Symposiums in Huntsville, Alabama on November 13-16, Booth 103.

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Gore Awarded 2018 Global Plunkett Grand Prize for High-Temperature Capacitors

Posted November 7, 2018

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) is proud to announce that Chemours™ has awarded Gore the Global Plunkett Grand Prize for outstanding use of fluoropolymers for the company’s GORE™ High Temperature Capacitors.

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Gore to Launch GORE™ ImproJect™ Plunger for Pre-Filled Syringes at PDA

Posted October 12, 2018

Gore plans to commercially launch the GORE™ ImproJectTM Plunger for Pre-Filled Syringes at the 2018 PDA’s Universe of Pre-Filled Syringe and Injection Device meeting in Orlando, FL on October 8th.

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Active Moisture Removal by AML Systems and W. L. Gore & Associates puts Headlamp Condensation Protection on a New Level

Posted October 9, 2018

PARIS, France (October 9, 2018) – AML Systems (AML) and W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) introduce a new technology to actively prevent condensation and put headlamps on a new level of protection. AML’s Condensation Management Device (CMD) enabled by GORE™ Condensation Management Products leverages electrical power and regenerative desiccants to actively remove recurring moisture from automotive headlamps. The new technology will be presented today at the Conference SIA VISION 2018 in Paris.

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Gore Launches New Rugged, Low-Weight Tethered Drone Cables for Commercial & Military Applications at 2018 AUSA

Posted October 4, 2018

Gore announces a new, game-changing cable option for tethered drones used in the military and commercial applications.

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Gore Exhibiting Proven & Trusted Technical Solutions for Military and Defense Applications at 2018 AUSA

Posted October 3, 2018

Gore will be showcasing high-performance GORE® Cables and Materials and next-gen GORE® Military Fabrics at the 2018 AUSA (Association of US Army Meeting & Exposition) in Washington, DC on October 8-10, Booth 3115.

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New GORE® PolyVent XS Makes Room for More Design Options in Smaller, Lighter-Weight Housings

Posted October 1, 2018

MUNICH, Germany (October 2, 2018) – W. L. Gore & Associates introduces GORE® PolyVent XS: a snap-in vent that is 30% smaller than their PolyVent Standard. The latest addition to the portfolio of GORE Protective Vents, GORE PolyVent XS delivers robust performance and durability, while its smaller size allows more options for vent positioning when designing smaller, lighter-weight housings for outdoor electronics.

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Gore Strengthens Collaborative Relationship with ViaCyte by Investing Additional $10 Million

Posted September 25, 2018

ViaCyte, Inc. and W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. today announced a $10 million investment by Gore into ViaCyte in the form of a convertible promissory note. This new investment by Gore into ViaCyte follows a similar multimillion‐dollar investment by Gore in May 2017.

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Preview Gore High-Performance Technical Solutions for Military and Defence Applications at DVD2018

Posted September 18, 2018

Gore will display field-proven and battle-tested technical solutions at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) event at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, UK on 19-20 September, Booth C-707.

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