Cover of 2023 Sustainability Report

Learn more about Gore’s sustainability programs, progress and performance in our 2023 Enterprise Sustainability Update

This document summarizes our 2023 sustainability efforts and milestones — with a focus on purposeful innovation, environmental stewardship and enhancing our social impact. 

Some highlights you will find in this edition: 

  • Our scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions dropped 21%, driven by recent renewable energy contracts. 
  • 44% of our plants are certified to ISO 14001 standards for environmental management. 
  • More than 100 Gore projects are focused on environmental sustainability and sustaining and improving human well-being. 
  • We obtained a score of 100% on the Human Rights Corporate Equality Index. 

"Our sustainability efforts reflect our overall purpose as a company: to improve lives and industries,” says Gore sustainability leader Bernhard Kiehl. “We are driven to support our customers in creating solutions that accelerate the urgently needed transformation toward truly sustainable societies." 

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