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Gore is always looking for nimble, forward-thinking companies to collaborate with — from small startups to big-thinking corporations.

Innovative companies have the hunger, momentum and ideas necessary to disrupt their industries. What they may lack is the materials and material expertise to carry them out. That’s where Gore comes in.

The Gore Innovation Center team works with early to mid-stage startups, innovators, academia, corporations and customers. Our process helps innovators accelerate the discovery of new capabilities and paths to successful commercialization of advanced material technology, medical products and other emerging tech.

The center also serves as a meeting space that brings together Silicon Valley’s thought leaders, innovators, academics, engineers and more to discuss today’s most pressing industry, product and technical challenges.


The Journey

From ideation to creation, our Innovation Center provides an environment for meaningful partnerships: a place that not only sparks ideas but can bring them to life.

The entrance to the Gore Innovation Center

Take a tour of Gore. Learn about our history, culture, technologies and products — and find the inspiration to fuel your big idea.

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Collaborate with Gore’s scientists on advanced materials science challenges to deliver transformative solutions that improve lives.

Associates working in the lab

The prototyping lab provides 2,500 square feet of collaborative lab space in which partners can work side-by-side with Gore scientists and engineers.

Collaborate with Us

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The Gore Innovation Center leverages Gore’s 60 years of engineering expertise to help startups pursue new concepts and ideas, build prototypes, test material sets and explore a world of possibilities.

Silicon Valley startups working on breakthroughs in sustainable technologies and advanced materials are encouraged to apply for workspace at the Innovation Center. Technology focus areas for 2020/2021 include, but aren't limited to:

  • Advanced materials
  • Clean technology
  • Neurostimulation and bioelectronics
  • Sustainable fabrics

Partnership Criteria

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Do you have an idea, prototype or device to improve?

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Does it fit within the areas of focus of the Gore Innovation Center?

  • Advanced materials
  • Clean technology
  • Neurostimulation and bioelectronics
  • Sustainable fabrics
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Is this a challenge that advanced materials could solve?

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Is there an insight or skillset that Gore could provide to accelerate progress?

When you work with Gore at the Innovation Center, you are tapping into the world-class materials science and testing expertise of the entire company, learned and refined over six decades of exploring and implementing successful applications of ePTFE.

Gore’s current product lines include laminated fabrics that are windproof, durably waterproof and breathable, giving outdoor adventurers comfort and protection; textiles woven from ePTFE fiber for space exploration; vents that protect audio quality in smartphones filters; vents and other solutions to contain liquids, solids and fine particles; and medical devices including stent-grafts now totaling more than 40 million implants worldwide.

The Lab

Innovative companies have the hunger, momentum and ideas necessary to disrupt their industries. What they often lack is the space, materials and equipment to carry them out.

That’s where Gore comes in.

The lab in the innovation center

Prototyping lab

So much value is gained when partners can work together in the same place at the same time. The prototyping lab at the 11,000-square-foot Gore Innovation Center in Silicon Valley provides 2,500 square feet of collaborative lab space in which partners can work side-by-side with Gore scientists and engineers to create and test technology with its materials.

Working in a shared space allows partners to learn from each other quickly and can even fast track the process from idea to evaluation. The space also serves as a venue for events to identify new applications for Gore materials, such as hack-a-thons and make-a-thons.

Prototyping lab offerings:

  • Gore's unparalleled technical expertise in engineering materials to meet demanding product performance requirements
  • Unmatched access to a vast array of advanced materials with support for customized solutions
  • Capabilities enabling integration of Gore materials with your technology or product
  • Comprehensive maker equipment (e.g. CO2 laser cutter/engraver, 3D printing, desktop CNC milling, bench-top shop equipment, electronics workstation)
  • Wet-chemistry (e.g. lab hood, solvent-rated oven and UV-curing station for chemical and coatings work)
  • Flexible bench top space and infrastructure (e.g. electrical, ventilation) to support your equipment
  • Characterization capabilities (e.g. advanced light microscopy and image analysis supported by a Keyence VHX-6000, mechanical characterization equipment)

Our Latest Work

The Innovation Center team identifies and welcomes select startups, innovators, academia, corporations and customers to its co-innovation space and prototyping lab to tap into Gore’s far-reaching expertise, capabilities and leadership.


The Gore Innovation Center in Silicon Valley and Checkerspot teamed up to combine Checkerspot’s expertise in bio-based polymers and biotechnology with Gore's decades of experience in high performance apparel. Together, we explored innovative performance materials development with the goal of delivering high performance textile coatings with improved environmental profiles.

Space Foundry

Space Foundry worked closely with Gore's material science experts and engineers at the Innovation Center for over six months.



Moray Medical

The Gore Innovation Center collaboration with Moray Medical was aimed at fundamentally improving the control and accuracy of minimally invasive interventional medical procedures.

Moray Medical leveraged the Gore Innovation Center’s prototyping lab to deliver transformative breakthroughs at scale. The lab offers broad ideation, testing and manufacturing capabilities — including additive and subtractive manufacturing, wet chemistry, analytical tools, and more.

Future Exploration

Woman looking at a product

Combining our materials science expertise with market insights, we deliver solutions that improve lives — from medical devices that heal patients, to fabrics that protect first responders in the line of duty.

Synthetic Biology

The Gore Innovation Center in Silicon Valley is a place where innovators are looking to biotechnology for ways of making products that are not only better, but also better for the environment. Synthetic biology is changing the way we make food, clothes, personal products, and even how we design cities.


Gore’s respect for the environment is a natural outgrowth of our legacy of responsible innovation. As manufacturers and industries rethink and change their practices for the better of our planet, we at Gore extend our partnership as innovators who also consider ourselves environmental protectors. Our five initial fields of exploration include:

  • Controlled agriculture and seaweed
  • Building materials
  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)
  • Solar
  • Energy storage

The Team

We opened the Innovation Center in May 2017 as a physical expression in Silicon Valley of Gore’s commitment to explore future growth opportunities and applications of materials science.

Meet the team!

Image of Linda Elkins

Linda Elkins
Innovation Center Leader

During her 20-year career at Gore, Linda has led new product development teams from ideation to commercial launch and driven technical project development. After her technical leadership roles, Linda took the Gore Innovation Center in Silicon Valley from its original concept to the facility’s execution, completion and launch. While facilitating the Gore entry into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, Linda has created and matured its mission and vision while expanding areas of exploration, establishing partnerships, and advancing relationships and idea generation for each Gore division.

Image of Michael Magyar

Michael Magyar
Tech Scout

In his technical role at the center, Michael utilizes his deep materials experience to facilitate collaboration between Gore and its innovation partners through ideation and prototyping. He identifies opportunities to help Gore partners drive ideas forward, build products, and use Gore materials to solve performance challenges.

Image of Joe Rittenhouse

Joseph Rittenhouse
R&D Engineer and Prototyper

Joe Rittenhouse brings a variety of skills to the team with experience in research, design and product development. Joe has owned projects from generating and executing tests, to understanding material components, to developing mechanical and electrical prototypes and conducting industry research. As an R&D engineer and prototyper for the Gore Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, Joe will design, prototype and test features for new ideas, fabricate and assemble parts, and advance product ideas from concept to prototype, all with Gore partners.

Image of Alexandar Figon

Alexander Frigon
Digital Health, Materials Engineer

Alex is a materials engineer focused on new product exploration. Working at Gore for over 10 years, Alex has a deep understanding of Gore’s materials capabilities. He is working on innovative ways to address materials challenges in emerging digital health devices. Prior to joining the Gore Innovation Center Team, Alex spent eight years in Gore’s Core Technology division focused on process engineer and new product development with primary expertise in the manufacturing of polymer based thin film composite and molded thermoplastics.

Image of Melissa McMath

Melissa McMath
Guest Services & Events Coordinator

Melissa McMath brings 15 years of corporate experience in event coordination, facility management, video production, scheduling, and HR and admin support. As the guest services and events coordinator for the center, Melissa serves as the point of contact, plans events, coordinates company tours and meetings, manages catering, supports admin, and provides project maintenance.



Upcoming Events

When makers and thinkers gather together, inspiration is all the more likely to strike. Join us at the Innovation Center for events like make-a-thons, educational forums and networking events, all offering you the chance to think big and exchange ideas.

Check back for information about our next event!

Previous Events

Biosensors Innovation Day (November 5, 2019)

The third installation of the Gore Innovation Center’s Advanced Materials Innovation Day focused on bringing together industry leaders who are pushing the envelope in the field of biosensing. Gore’s biomaterials experts, leading scientists, and venture capitalists engaged in expert talks, panel discussions, and networking.

Sustainability Innovation Day (October 8, 2019)

Sustainable materials are a focus area for the Gore Innovation Center as it continues to develop innovative solutions. The Gore team hosted an informative event centered around what’s next for the sustainable materials market.

Biopolymers Innovation Day (October 4, 2019)

The Gore Innovation Center and Silicon Valley Bank co-hosted an invite-only event focused on bio-based polymers. Gore brought together key opinion leaders and active players in the biopolymer space for expert talks, moderated discussion, and networking.

Happy Hour Reception at the Gore Innovation Center (August 28, 2019)

The Innovation Center hosted a night of interacting with Gore products, networking, and live music. Participants experienced all the Innovation Center has to offer and learned about the science behind ELIXIR® (guitar) Strings and other products they never knew Gore made.

Digital Health Innovation Day 2.0
Event Held at the Gore Innovation Center on March 22, 2018

Digital Health Innovation Day 2.0 (March 22, 2018)

Digital Health Innovation Day 2.0 brought together the Silicon Valley’s digital health community at the Gore Innovation Center.

The gathering of a hundred health care providers, investors and innovators featured a keynote exploring the impact of digital health innovations on patient care, as well as presentations by physicians, researchers and startups.



LightSpeed Accelerator Pitch & Innovation Showcase
Event Held at the Gore Innovation Center on February 23, 2018

LightSpeed Accelerator Pitch & Innovation Showcase (February 23, 2018)

In partnership with LightSpeed Innovations, an accelerator formed to mentor and invest in aerospace tech startups, the Gore Innovation Center hosted the LightSpeed Accelerator Pitch & Innovation Showcase. .

Ten pre-selected aerospace startups introduced their business in short presentations to the audience of venture capitalists and industry innovators.